Cinnamon Divya Body Oil

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Detoxifying and moisture boosting blend of botanical oils.

  • The finest grade of essential oils to give your skin the energy burst it deserves. Lightweight and quickly absorbed, the bioactive nutrients and antioxidants help restore the skin’s natural barrier. 
  • The natural warm aroma of Cinnamon Oil fights mental fatigue and improves concentration so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.
  • Hempseedoil reduces wrinkles and fine lines including stretch marks early in pregnancy.
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil with anti-inflammatory properties and Olive Oil that deeply nourishes your skin.


  • Moisturizes and softens dry skin, making it supple.
  • Improves skin elasticity for younger-looking skin.
  • Regular use reduces stretch marks in the early pregnancy months.
  • Revitalizing aroma combats fatigue.

Net Content: 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz
Suitable for: All skin types


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