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  • ✔️ Prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.
  • ✔️ Increases hair density.
  • ✔️ Strengthens the hair shaft and thickens hair.
  • ✔️ Provides conditioning and prevents frizz.
  • ✔️ Suitable for all genders and hair types.

1 Month Pack

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3 Month Pack

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Results without Compromise!

What progress looks like after a 90 day routine

Leading Hair Growth Formula Powered by Regenerative
Redensyl® + AnaGainTM + Procapil® + Rice Water

experience reduce
signs of reduction

experience increase
appearance of hair density

How exactly does this work?

  • Have a good diet : Hair is one of the very last systems in our body to receive nutrients and therefore having a nutrient rich diet is essential.

  • Reduce stress : Stress can have a huge impact on your hair, it may cause chronic shedding, resulting in thinner hair.

  • Wash your hair regularly : Not washing your hair enough can lead to a build-up of oils and react with the pollution in the environment.

  • Focus on scalp health : A healthy scalp creates optimum conditions for strong, healthy hair.


Redensyl: awakens dormant hair stem cells to generate a new growth phase

AnaGain: rebalances the hair life cycle and reduces hair loss

Procapil: fights premature hair loss

Rice Water: strengthens the hair shaft and thickens the hair

Rice Water

Rice water is the starchy water that remains after soaking or cooking rice. It is also known to contain many of the vitamins and minerals contained in rice. These include amino acids, vitamin B and E, minerals and antioxidants.

What it can do for your hair ?

  • Detangles the hair
  • Makes hair smoother
  • Increases shine
  • Makes hair stronger
  • Helps hair grow long

Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a protective hair care product that acts as a hydrating and nourishing agent. It shields your hair strands, repairs them and protects against external stressors while effectively working on a surface level. It has a liquid consistency that coats hair cuticles and provides smoothness, luster & shine to your hair.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Serum?

The serum of hair has an abundance of benefits to offer. They instantly smoothen hair, manage frizziness, detangle curly hair, maintain curls & straightness and protect hair from environmental pollution. Just a required amount of serum can work wonders for your hair.

Are All The Hair Serums The Same? How To Choose One?

No! Every hair serum is formulated to address different hair issues. Depending on the product's development, a hair serum shows its effect. For hair growth, choose our advanced hair growth serum enriched with Redensyl, Procapil and Anagain. It makes hair stronger, robust and reduces hair fall.

How To Use Hair Serum?

Hair serum works best when the scalp & hair are clean. Use them only after washing your hair with shampoo and a conditioner. Apply the advised amount of hair serum close to the hair roots on a dry & clean scalp. Massage gently with your fingertips for enhanced absorption.

What Is The Difference Between Hair Oil And Hair Serum?

Hair oil is a product that needs to be washed off your hair. It is applied to nourish and strengthen the hair & scalp and adds shine. Hair serum is a leave-in product. It does not have to be washed off. It should be used after washing your hair.

Is Serum Good For Hair Everyday?

The right kind of hair can be used everyday. Some hair serums are designed for serious hair concerns like hair fall, hair graying, hair growth, hair balding etc. Our hair serum should be used twice a day, morning & at bed time. Use it only when your hair & scalp is cleansed with shampoo & conditioner.

How Many Days Should We Use Serum For Hair?

It depends on the severity of hair concern one must be facing. Our hair serum for hair growth is advised to be used for at least 3 months. It will show visible results within 3 months.

Can I Leave Hair Serum Overnight?

Leave hair serum overnight as it is lightweight and fast-absorbing. It gives desired results when used at bedtime. It doesn't leave any residue or build-up and works when used daily. Our best hair serum for hair growth is recommended to be applied overnight to yield the desired result. Apply it twice a day, once in the morning and at bedtime.

How To Use

Apply One Dropper twice a day, close to the hair roots on a dry and clean scalp. Massage gently for enhanced absorption. Use it over a period of 3 months for visible and significant results.

Please note that applying the serum more or more often will not improve results. Continued application is necessary.