3 Reasons Why You Need To Include Neem In Your Summer Skincare

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Neem is one of the most powerful herbs in Indian Ayurveda, and it is an age-old remedy for a variety of health, beauty, and wellness ailments. Its leaves, bark, and oil extracts are key ingredients in natural products for skin like organic face masks and some of the best body care products as well. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties make it a coveted ingredient in facial care beauty products, especially if you’re looking to buy organic skincare for the summer season. 
Found abundantly in India and other tropical countries, Neem or Margosa is a fast-growing tree of the mahogany family known by the botanical name Azadirachta indica. Ancient Ayurvedic texts describe the tree as ‘Sarva Roga Nivarini,’ meaning the cure of all ailments, and rightly so.  Neem has a wide range of benefits in skincare and wellness from anti-ageing to healing scars and treating skin breakouts. 
As we all know, the heat of the Indian summers brings with it a variety of skincare problems. The excessive heat and sweating aggravate existing skin conditions and worsens acne breakouts. Using authentic ayurvedic skincare products enriched with Neem and other natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Cucumber can help cool down your skin and keep things under control. Still not convinced? Here are three ways Neem-based products can help your skin look fresh and radiant this summer.  
Treats and prevents acne 
Dirt, bacteria, and oil trapped in pores is the leading cause of acne and breakouts. Neem works wonderfully to keep a check on the oil produced by the sebaceous glands, which helps prevent acne and other skin breakouts. Its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties work actively on acne and prevent future breakouts.  
Soothes inflammation and fades scars 
With its anti-inflammatory properties, Neem can soothe any irritation, redness and is often recommended by experts to treat conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. 
The presence of Carotenoids and Vitamin E in Neem helps reduce the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. It also works as an effective emollient, preventing moisture loss and creates a protective dermal barrier. 
As the skin ages, the natural production of collagen starts to reduce, which in turn causes the appearance of signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles.  
Loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants, Neem boosts collagen production and helps minimize the damage caused by free radicals. High levels of Vitamin E and fatty acids also keep the skin nourished and give it a healthy glow. 
Apart from using Neem topically, adding the leaves to your bathing water or even chewing them is known to benefit the body in many ways. If you’re someone who suffers from boils or acne on your body, bathing with Neem-infused water helps keep skin breakouts at bay, soothes existing acne, and even takes care of body odour. Meanwhile, chewing Neem twigs is excellent for your dental health, and chewing the leaves enhances your gut health and detoxifies your body.