One-Stop Guide to Beauty Masks

Nourish Mantra

The Internet offers a range of filters to beautify our skin and give us amazing pictures instantly! But when it comes to off-screen beauty, what works is a good skincare routine with the best natural facial care products to keep our skin moisturized, hydrated, even-toned, healthy, and glowing.

Structuring your skincare routine may involve hours of scrolling through the Internet to find and buy organic skin care products such as an ayurvedic face pack, a natural serum, a night cream, and other facial care beauty products. But with countless options arises the challenge of finding the best one for yourself. And quite honestly, the range of products available in the market can get overwhelming at times. To make the task a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most effective facial masks.

But before we get started one might ask why do we need facial masks at all?

Beauty masks or facial masks are an important part of the skincare and wellness routine as they are an instant source of hydration for your face. They help in deep cleansing your skin, unclogging the pores, and infuse your skin with all good ingredients. When combined with a good quality face wash, serum, moisturizer, and night cream, they can help deal with skin conditions such as acne breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation, and more.

Now that we have established the importance of beauty masks in a skincare routine let us look at what the market has to offer for us!

Cream Masks-
These are one of the most readily available facial masks. All you are required to do is to apply them generously all over the face, wait for them to dry, and rinse off. They are great for normal to dry skin types as they help instantly moisturise the skin, uplift it, clear dead skin cells, and bring a nice, fresh glow to your face.
The beauty and wellness industry offers a wide range of cream-based masks made of various ingredients such as coffee powder, fruits, minerals, and more.

Charcoal Masks-
The wellness beauty products industry swears by the power of charcoal when it comes to cleaning the skin. Activated charcoal tends to absorb oil and draw out dirt, toxins, and bacteria. Clogged pores are one of the major causes of acne. Using a charcoal mask instantly clears your pores, prevents skin breakouts, and gives you cleaner and healthier skin.

Clay Masks-
Clays are much adored in the skincare industry for their ability to regulate oil secretion on the skin and draw out dirt. They have been used for centuries in authentic ayurvedic skincare products. There are different kinds of clay, such as Fuller’s Earth (also known as Multani mitti), Green clay, Kaolin clay, Bentonite clay, and based on the land/sea they are obtained from, they offer different benefits to the skin.
However, not every clay might suit every skin type. It is hence recommended that you do good research before choosing the right clay-based mask for yourself.