Decoding the Hype About Facerollers- Do They Really Help?

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With the pandemic halting lives and confining us to our houses, and increasing stress and anxiety, this has become the time for us to take a moment out of our day and care for ourselves more than ever. More and more women are investing in skincare routines that include organic face serums, best anti-aging serums, overnight creams, sheet masks, face oils, etc. Hence, the facial care beauty products industry is always on the quest to introduce something new and better to the market. A new introduction to the skincare wellness range is a facial roller.

If you have recently been on the internet scrolling through Instagram or Youtube, you have more likely than not heard about face rollers. Influencers, beauty gurus, and celebrities rave about this new invention and use them with natural face serums, claiming that the results are flawless and never-like-before.

While the hype is real, we admit that the pretty jade and rose-colored rollers did catch our attention, and we wanted one for ourselves as well. So, we dug deep into the subject to know what the hype is all about. Turns out, it is not that new an invention after all! This method of massaging your face using natural stones and crystals has been used by Chinese and other Southeast Asian countries for years now and is called the Gua Sha (pronounced gwahshah). However, we must admit that the Instagram-worthy face rollers have made the process easier for us!

First question first, what are face rollers?

In short, face rollers are massaging tools. But they have more to them than being just another wellness beauty product. They have been ergonomically designed in a way that makes them easy to use while covering major and minor parts of your face effectively. The rolling design glides smoothly over your skin, and the materials used provide added benefits. 

Which Face Roller to Choose for Your Skin?

The most effective face rollers are often made using semi-precious jade stone or rose quartz. Amethyst and metal are among other materials that are used in the making of these face rollers. Which facial roller is best for you depends on what you expect the tool to do. 


These rollers are made of jade stone and are naturally cool. They help soothe inflammation and reduce wrinkles and fine lines by accelerating lymphatic drainage. 

Rose Quartz:

These pretty, pink rollers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also help de-stress and get rid of negative energy. They also help repair and rejuvenate skin cells. 


Like jade rollers, these help in reducing inflammation. They also help tighten the skin and are said to be best for acne-prone skin.

How Do Face Rollers Help?

The excitement around these is not for nothing! Many bloggers have reviewed that with regular usage, face rollers did deliver the results they had promised. Here’s how they help the skin-

  • Accelerates Lymphatic Drainage
  • One of the most prominent benefits of a face roller is that it helps in lymphatic drainage. Lymphatic fluids help remove waste from the blood. However, sometimes they tend to build up in an area. Face rollers help drain this fluid and restore the skin to its natural state. 

    • Prevents aging of the skin

    Face rollers tighten your skin and help in blood circulation, thereby slowing down the process of skin aging and keeping your skin glowing. 

  • Helps prevent acne
  • The waste build-up in the skin is one of the causes of acne. Facial rollers not only help get rid of this waste but also tighten the skin, thereby reducing skin breakouts

    • Increases blood circulation

    Massaging your face, especially with a face roller, moves the blood in your skin from one place to another, thereby giving a nice glow and freshness to the skin. 

  • Rejuvenates skin cells
  • Better blood flow means more rejuvenated skin cells. 

  • Helps absorb the products better
  • Your best wrinkle cream, anti-aging cream, night cream, and organic face serum are better absorbed when they are well massaged into the skin, and what better tool for that than a face roller?

    How to Use a Face Roller?

    To yield the best results from a face roller, use it as part of your bedtime skincare routine to de-stress yourself and your skin after a long day. We recommend that you use authentic ayurvedic skincare products with your facial rollers to avoid any harmful reactions. 

    • Freeze the roller in a freezer for a couple of hours before you begin your routine skincare.
    • Prepare your skin by washing your face and removing any makeup. 
    • Pat your face dry and apply a good quality night cream or anti-aging cream all over your face and neck. 
    • Take your face roller and use the larger side of your roll to roll it on the front and back of your neck in a downward motion. Gradually, proceed to move it over your collar bones in an outward fashion. 
    • Now, roll outwards over your cheeks and the middle part of your face, after which you can move to your forehead. 
    • Still using the larger part of the roll, roll downward in between your eyebrows on your forehead. Roll outwards for the sides of your forehead. 
    • Once you have covered the forehead, use the smaller roll to gently roll between the corners of your eyes, under your eyes, and around your mouth, and you are done!

    How to Clean Your Face Roller?

    Like all other facial care beauty products, your face roller must also be treated with utmost care. Continuous usage may result in a residue of your night cream, anti-aging cream, or any other face product that you used on the tool. 

    Clean the roller after every use with some soap and water. Dry the tool thoroughly using a wiping cloth before storing it back in its place. 

    Note that face rollers are made of crystals that can easily break or be cracked. Therefore, exercise extra care while handling them.