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Face Cleansers and all you need to know about them!

We can skip moisturizing our skin for once but can never leave out the cleansing part. A face cleanser is essential for healthy skin, especially with increasing pollution. Even after being such an important product, there are still too many questions, doubts, and confusion regarding cleansers, as we are unsure about tons. A face cleanser is a product that precedes all the rest of the skincare products in our daily regime. So, we should not rush it at the time of the best facial cleanser selection. Well, nothing to worry about anymore. We are here to go through all of it with you and hope to clear all your doubts.

Let's forge ahead, tackling the simplest to the hardest questions.

What are face cleansers?

Cleansers are precisely what their name suggests, they are the product that cleanses your face. These products remove accumulations of dirt, oils, makeup, dead skin cells, and other pollutants from your skin. They help unclog the pores and exfoliate the uppermost layer of the skin without stripping it off.

By cleansing the pores, skin cleansers ensure the efficacy of other skincare products which succeed. It enables the various lotions, serums, and oils to seep into the skin to show the best results.

Today, there are tons of options in cleansing products to choose from, including various ayurvedic and natural cleanser. Even within these categories, cleansers can range from micellar water, foam gels, balms, oils, creams, and face wipes. It often gets tricky to differentiate between the various types of cleansing products. To help you get out of this confusion, we have got you a thorough guide to help you understand multiple kinds of cleanser.

What are the various types of face cleanser?

Every day, a new product enters the market, including different types of face cleaning products, here we will be listing a few of the popular ones. This might just help you choose the best cleanser in India for your skin.

Foam cleanser: A foam-based cleanser is one of the most common ones. They have a creamy formula that lathers to foam after coming in contact with water. This rich foam helps cleanse oil, dirt, and other pollutants from the skin. Buy this fantastic product for oily and combination skin.

Nourish Mantra's Green Tea Tatva Scrub Cleanser is a 2 in 1 formulation rich in green tea, aloe vera, and niacinamide which works both as a cleanser and a scrub. Order this natural cleanser, filled with powerful antioxidants and antibacterial properties, and imparts a healthy glow to your skin.

Gel cleanser: This skin cleanser is an excellent option for oily and acne-prone skin. This cleanser has a clear, lightweight, gel-like consistency aimed at cleansing excess sebum and clearing out the pores. They provide clean, smooth skin by unclogging pores and killing acne-causing bacteria.

Check out Nourish Mantra's Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser, a perfect blend of cucumber, aloe vera, and niacinamide. This natural cleanser is a unique antioxidant formula to soothe your skin and protect it from environmental stresses.

Oil Cleanser: Cleansing your face with oil does sound weird, especially for people with oily or acne-prone skin, though surprisingly, it is a prevalent practice in Korea. An oil-based cleanser helps loosen the dirt and makeup without interfering with the skin's natural barrier. It is a gentle way to remove pore-clogging debris without drying your skin.

Cream cleanser: The best cleanser is the one that removes dirt and oil; however, the same cleanser can also leave your skin high and dry. This becomes a massive problem for people with dry or sensitive skin, that's where cream cleanser enter. They are amazing for such skin types as they contain tons of moisturizing ingredients which cleanses without drying the skin.

Clay cleanser: This cleanser is very similar to clay masks, as it is also known for its oil-absorbing powers and is suitable for oily and combination skin types. It helps purify the skin by eliminating excess oil and toxins from the skin. This natural cleanser is also suitable for sensitive skin.

You can order Ratrani Clay Cleanser by Nourish Mantra, a transformative natural cleanser enriched with Moroccan Lava Clay, French Red Clay, and Activated Charcoal. It contains vitamin E and licorice extracts which leave your face smooth and toned.

Micellar water: A new arrival in the world of cleansers, Micellar water has gained quite a reputation for its incredible cleansing properties. It is an alcohol-free water-based product that consists of "micelles"—or tiny oil molecules. These molecules are best for attracting oil, dirt, and other impurities leaving the skin clean with tight pores. Buy this skin cleanser for every skin type, including sensitive skin.

Cleansing bars: Quickly gaining popularity, cleansing bars are the best cleanser if you want to switch to a more sustainable option. They are formulated especially as a face cleanser that doesn't strip away skin's natural oils, making them a great choice for dry skin.

Now, you know a lot about the various types of cleansers available in the market, their exact purpose, the skin types they are suitable for, their consistency, etc. Essentially, each of them serves the same purpose, just in different ways, so your next task remains to choose the best facial cleanser for you.

This choice becomes simpler if you know a few things. Let's look at a short guide that can help you choose amongst these products types easily.

How do I decide which cleanser is best for me?

Skin type: It is the most important thing to know before choosing any skincare product, including cleansers. Your skin type decides which products will show the most benefits without any side effects.

Purpose: You need to have a clear idea about what you want from the product, depending on your skin's needs. In the case of cleanser, you need to decide whether you need thorough cleansing, or hydration or moisturizing, etc.

Environment: This essentially refers to your surroundings, weather, lifestyle, occupational demands, etc.

With this extensive guide at your disposal, it's time to find the best face cleanser in India for your skin.

Pro Tip: Go either for a natural cleanser or ayurvedic cleanser as they have numerous benefits.

Why should you prefer a natural cleanser?

Cleansing is a regular part of your daily skin care routine that is best for cleansing and offers many more benefits. When you choose a natural cleanser over a chemical one, these benefits increase many folds. Have a look at some of these:

They do not contain any chemicals. You have already come in contact with too many chemicals you surely don’t need anymore, especially in your skincare products.

Natural products are more sustainable. These products generally take help natural and organic farmers and use sustainable farming methods.

They provide healthy skin. Unlike chemical cleaners, natural cleanser do not provide fleeting results. Instead, they use natural ingredients such as aloe vera, which soothes, nourishes, and hydrates the skin to give a lasting glow.

A natural cleanser means fewer chances of allergic reactions. These products reduce the chances of irritation, redness, and other allergic reactions by not using chemicals.

Natural products are much safer for the environment. Cleansers wash off your faces and eventually drain down to various water bodies, chemically infecting them. However, this problem isn’t faced with a natural cleanser.

What can Nourish Mantra offer?

Nourish Mantra is modern international skincare focusing on holistic wellness. It is a natural and vegan skin care brand that is modernizing traditional Indian beauty philosophies. It believes in simple yet profound, though; when you FEEL good, you LOOK good.

All the products at Nourish Mantra are not only 100% vegan and cruelty-free but made with ethically sourced ingredients. These natural products try to imbibe conscious living with a connection of the body, mind, and soul.

Have a look at this range of natural cleanser today to experience this world of holistic wellness with Nourish Mantra and purchase to get the healthy skin you have always wanted.

Still, have a few unanswered questions about Cleaners and all they can do for your skin? Well, don't worry, we have got you covered! Here is a list of frequently asked questions with their answers to find the best facial cleanser.

Something for you!

1. Which is better, a cleanser or a face wash?

Both the facial cleanser and face wash do the same job, there is just a subtle difference. A face cleanser is generally known to purify, hydrate, and soothe your skin, while a face wash is famous for deeply cleansing the pores.

2. What is the best cleanser for my face?

Due to their extensive benefits and sustainable nature, organic, natural, and ayurvedic products are often preferred. Though, to choose the specific kind of cleanser, you need to understand your skin type, lifestyle, and environment around you.

3. Can I use a cleanser every day?

In short, absolutely! Cleansers do the crucial task of removing the impurities from your skin and are advised to be used twice a day.

4. What is the difference between a cleanser and a toner?

Cleansers specialize in getting rid of the skin's impurities, whereas a toner is known to balance the pH of the skin while soothing the dryness.

5. Does cleanser or toner come first?

A handy rule to remember while applying different skincare products is that they should be applied from the lightest to the heaviest (except SPF, which is always last). Talking about toners, they should be applied immediately after cleanser or face washes.

6. Can toners be used as cleansers?

Even though toners help remove impurities, they should replace cleansers from your skin care routine. It is because toners are most effective when used after a cleanser.

7. Can I use both face wash and cleanser?

The answer is, yes, you can. It entirely depends on your needs and skin type. If you have been exposed to tons of pollutants on a daily basis and feel that your skin needs the extra cleansing, then go for it. Apply a cleanser and then use a face wash to entirely remove all dust particles, oil, and other irritants from your face.

8. What are the side effects of cleansers?

If you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, cleansers can give you a bit of redness, irritation, or scaling of the skin. In such a case, visit a dermatologist.

9. Is cleanser good for oily skin?

Yes! Cleansers are a must for oily skin as they help get rid of excess oily from the face unclogging the pores allowing the skin to breathe. Face cleansers for oily skin should be chosen carefully to ensure the most benefits. Either foam or gel-based cleansers are best suited for oily skin.

10. Can we use soap after the cleanser?

It depends on what kind of soaps we are talking about. If you mean body soaps, the answer is a big no, as those are made of harsher ingredients not suited to our facial skin. However, if you're referring to facial soaps, they are safe to use after cleanser as they are formulated for this purpose only.

11. For how long should I leave my cleanser on?

Leave your facial cleanser for 1-2 minutes to remove excess oil, dirt, and bacteria from your face. Ensure that you don't rinse it too soon, as it won't be as effective. Also, don't leave it for too long as it can dry your skin out. Find the right balance.

12. What time should I wash my face at night?

People often wait till going to bed before cleansing their faces, however, this is not important. You can wash your face around 8 p.m making it less likely for you to skip it. Your face is the most visible and touched part of your body, so don't try to skip your nighttime routine at any cost, as it is really crucial.

We hope that we have solved your many doubts and made facial cleansers a little more accessible to you. With this newfound clarity, it is time for you to analyze your skin type, needs and then access the best face cleanser for yourself amongst the multiple types we discussed here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and find the best cleanser for yourself.

Also, don't forget to check out Nourish Mantra's range of natural face cleansers!

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