Do you know how & when to use a face mist?

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Do you know how & when to use a face mist?

The skincare enthusiasts know the importance of refreshing beauty pick-me-up products. Face mist is a product that quenches the skin's thirst for hydration and gives a dewy finish in seconds. Of course, drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water is essential for healthy skin, but it works from the inside. For outside skincare health, the facial mist has taken the front seat. 

Facial mist is a vitamins and minerals enriched formula. It is infused with skin-loving toning agents that make the skin refreshing, hydrating and glowing. These handy bottles of facial mist have additional benefits like calming down the stressed skin, controlling excess sebum production and anti-aging properties. If you haven't tried the misty trend yet, you are surely missing something vital in your skincare routine.

When to use face mist in skincare routine?

Face mist uses

  1. When you wake up in the morning

    Splashing cold water on the face is a way to wake you up, not your skin. A few drizzles of face mist will make your skin rejuvenated in no time. It serves as a healthy coating of super nourishing ingredients like floral water, thermal water, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid etc.

  2. Before you moisturize, apply some misty mist

    You can get the most out of your moisturizer by hydrating & dampening the skin just before putting in the moisturizer to increase its absorption. The facial mist works well when you forget to moisturize after you come out of the shower.

  3. To smooth out the cakey makeup

    Regretting why you went overboard while applying makeup? Well, rather than getting upset & wiping it off, use facial mist over the makeup and use tissue paper to work on the excess layers for a natural finish. If tissue paper isn't available, use your fingertips and respray mist to give a final finish.

  4. A refreshment for your makeup look

    Are you going for a dinner or event after the office? Nothing is worse than doing your skincare & beauty care from scratch when you are tired. Don't think of re-applying the makeup over the old one; the results are even worse. A facial mist is at your rescue; it gives a new lease to your makeup & makes it easy and breezy to add it & blend in.

  5. For that extra boost of hydration

    Keep your facial mist handy, whether you are at home, office or traveling. Mists quench the thirst of dehydrated, tight & dry skin. It makes the skin supple and hydrated.

  6. Swap it with toner

    If you run out of toner, use facial mist—the best way to replenish & nourish your skin after face cleansing.

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How to use face mist?

Here are some face mist uses you need to know :

  1. For Refreshment

    Face mist is one of the quickest ways ever to refresh your skin. You feel cool, refreshed, and relieved from dehydrated skin whenever you spritz mist on your face. Make an edit in your skincare vanity and feel rejuvenated on a hot day, post-yoga or gym session and whenever you feel slouched at the office.

  2. For Instant Hydration

    Choose a face mist with extra hydrating ingredients as it moisturizes your skin when you squirt it on your as and when needed. Face mist is a savior when you don't want to mess up your makeup. If you have applied makeup in the morning & a sudden plan of party hits in, repeating the whole skincare routine will be a daunting task. Just spray face mist, and you are ready to rock.

  3. For extra moisturization

    One of the best face mist uses is to layer more than one application of the mist in the middle of your skincare & makeup steps. For example, you can use your favorite face mist between the facial cleanser & serum, before & after your moisturizer, or in between the primer & foundation. This way, you are locking in the moisture with the product you apply to your face. The results will be flawless. You'll get plumper, dewier & glowing skin.

  4. For soothing sensitive skin

    If your skin is vulnerable to sensitivity, using a face mist will calm down the redness, irritation and reload the lost moisture. A right pick amongst the various face mist will bring satisfying results. It is necessary to avoid irritants like alcohol & fragrance. Hop on to some gentle ingredients like aloe vera, floral water, thermal water, hyaluronic acid etc, as they are usually enriched with the goodness of anti-inflammatory minerals.

  5. For absorbing excess oil

    Are you still thinking translucent powders & blotting sheets are the only options to control excess oil production? If yes, try face mist; they will absorb the extra oil and infuse lightweight moisture. It is the best face mist use, people with oily skin, it is a blessing for you.

  6. For controlling breakouts

    Do you fall under acne-prone skin and hesitate to use any skincare product? Face mist will be your skin's BFF once you start using it. Choose a clarifying mist that includes mild exfoliants, beta hydroxy acids, betaine salicylate, or willow bark water are some of the most efficient & effective ingredients for deep-cleansing pores & preventing breakouts.

  7. For absorption of other products

    It is always said that you apply your skincare products to damp skin. Do you know why? As wet skin is like a sponge that quickly absorbs any product you put in. To maximize the performance & results of your lotions, creams, face oils, serum etc., use them on top of a layer of face mist. It will make the products penetrate deeply into the skin and supplement your skin with the utmost benefits of the ingredients. If you are planning to apply a face mask this weekend, get your face mist soon, as it will also help to glide on the skin more smoothly & sinks quickly if your skin is moist & not dry.

  8. For priming your skin for makeup

    Try to apply face mist before using the foundation. The results will blow your mind. It creates a smoother, hydrated canvas over which you can apply your makeup effortlessly.

  9. For blending foundation

    Don't want to look artificial but wish to apply foundation? Face mist is the key to looking natural even when you use foundation. Blending will be so smooth & gives a dewy skin texture. Mist helps in spreading the foundation more evenly, easily, thereby giving a sheer look rather than cakey. You can also use face mist to dampen the makeup sponge. Press the sponge gently to remove any excess product.

  10. For setting makeup

    Face mist uses are magical. It hydrates the skin and enhances the ability to extend the wear of your makeup skilfully. It won't clog the skin pores and irritate the skin.

  11. For the natural makeup look

    Some people finish their makeup with a translucent powder but end up making their skin dry & powdery texture. Here is why you need a facial mist, it will dissolve surface powder residue for that natural makeup look.

  12. For reviving makeup

    A sudden plan after the office is a stress buster, but re-doing the skincare routine is sometimes not a good idea to prep your skin for the night outing. So, a face mist is a super easy way to revive the makeup without washing your face and doing it all over again. All you need to do is just a squirt of freshness, re-blend your makeup with your fingertips or brush and you are ready to go.

  13. For diluting other products

    Irritated that a product isn't working? It may need a push, a push of spritzing face mist. Sometimes the consistency of the product is thick, the texture is heavy, or the coverage level is opaque. Face mist is a fantabulous solution; it is handy and mixing it with other products like lotion, serum, or oil will give a sheer tint.