Dry Skin 101: Is It Just Winter Dryness or Something More?

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You can do a lot of things at home with a proper natural skin care routine and avoid many skin problems. But sometimes, you might come to know about it a little late. And by the time you notice it, the condition might have become severe. This may also mean that you might have to visit a dermatologist.

When we think about the problem of dry skin, we usually don’t find it much bothering. Normally, a regular use of natural skin care lotion and hair oil are enough to nourish your body and hair for a soft and moisturized feel! People get dry skin and scalp usually due to cold weather, too much dry weather or taking hot water baths. But you might be unaware of some serious issues related to dry skin and scalp. Here are some important details for you to customize your natural skin care and hair care.

Are you suffering from dry skin condition?

Often a temporary winter concern, dry skin can also be a lifelong condition. And you might not even know about it yet. It also depends on your age and atmosphere. If your face has normal to oily skin, it might not dry out because of sebum (naturally produced oil by our facial skin cells). But since the rest of your body parts don’t produce sebum, you can face severe dryness if there is a lack in your natural skin care and hair care practices.

  • Tightening of skin, especially after bathing or washing your hands. This can be calmed and moisturized with your lotions and oils. If you don’t follow a moisturizing routine, you will soon notice fine lines and wrinkled skin, giving an aged look.
  • Your hands may dry out severely, when you don’t use a natural hand lotion after washing your hands.
  • Dry skin also comes with itching and redness. Regularly massage your body with a nourishing natural body oil to avoid such conditions.

Natural skin care rules to avoid severe dry skin conditions.

  1. Keep your bath time for 10 minutes. Use lukewarm water, not hot. If not necessary, avoid bathing multiple times a day. 
  2. Do not use detergent based soaps and cleansers that are harsh and highly drying. Use natural soap bars that are handmade with cleansing herbs and natural moisturizing agents. They cleanse your skin gently and deeply without drying it out.
  3. Massage your body with a natural skin care lotion on your body each time after bathing. You can also apply it anytime when your skin feels dry. Do not forget to cover your back and thigh areas.
  4. Wash your hands with a non-toxic herbal hand wash. Keep a pocket-sized natural hand lotion and use it each time you wash your hands.
  5. Do not forget to wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes or whenever you immerse your hands in water.
  6. Have a relaxing massage day, twice or thrice a week, with a natural body oil that has therapeutic and deep moisturizing properties.
  7. Cover as much area of your skin as possible when you go out in extreme hot, cold and windy conditions.

See a doctor when:

  • Your skin doesn't heal even after your best efforts in natural skin care.
  • You have continuous itching and redness on your skin. People can’t even sleep properly when at this stage.
  • Your skin is scaling and shedding in large areas.

Do you have dry scalp or stubborn dandruff?

With a powerful natural skin care routine, are you strong in your hair care game too? Hair care starts from scalp care, which is also a part of your skin. Itchy and dry scalp + damaged and falling hair. It’s a nightmare for everyone!

Dos and Don’ts in scalp and hair care

  1. Don’t use harsh, drying and toxic shampoos and conditioners. This is among the main reasons for dry and inflamed scalp. Don’t wet or wash your hair daily. Wash them every third day. Plus, your hair care products also come in contact with your face and can mess with your natural face care routine too.
  2. Massage with a nourishing hair oil and keep it on for 4-6 hours before washing. After oiling, wrap a warm wet towel over your head. This way, your scalp will soak maximum oil.
  3. Pat your hair softly with your towel. Do not rub it over roughly. It breaks and tangles your hair and makes their texture rough. Wrap the towel around your head for some time till it soaks dripping water.
  4. After washing your hair, you can also apply hair serum or hair cream, according to your concern and choice for enhanced hair care. 

When to see a doctor?

  1. Even after following a strong hair care routine, you don’t see significant results.
  2. You have severe scalp issues like never-ending itching along with very evident stubborn and sticky dandruff.
  3. Scaly scalp with white patches and redness.

Messing with your skin’s moisturizing rituals, especially in winters, would lead to severe dryness which could trigger serious skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and seborrhea. These are actually really bad and painful. So, be firm in your natural skin care and hair care routine to avoid these severe dryness conditions.