Everything You Need To Know About PCOD/PCOS

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What is PCOD/PCOS? 

It stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. In PCOD, ovaries are mildly enlarged, containing small cysts. It is like a hormone machine gone out of control, which increases the production of male hormones in a female’s body. Common symptoms include acne, abnormal weight gain and hair thinning. To reduce the effects of this condition, we need to switch to Natural Skin Care, healthy diet plans, and lifestyle changes.

Health issues

PCOD may induce multiple skin & hair issues, abnormal weight gain, and irregular menstruation cycles. Infertility is also feared among women over the age of 20.

Skin problems

PCOD causes increased secretion of a male hormone called testosterone. This leads to excessive oil production in our skin, resulting in acne, skin discolouration, hanging skin, and abnormal hair growth.

Acne may be reduced by using Natural Face Care Products, Face Oils, Skin Cleansers with antioxidants and Facial Oil balancing properties.

PCOD leads to the darkening of our skin, making it velvety and discoloured. You may try to reduce the discolouration by rubbing half-cut lemon over the affected area for five minutes every day. Alternatively, you can use Natural Skin Care Products.

When a woman faces male-pattern hair growth on her chest, face, or stomach, it is called Hirsutism. It results from excess secretion of male hormones called androgens in a woman’s body. You can try to uproot these rough facial hair by threading, waxing, or using Natural Skin Care and Face Care Products

Hair problems

For women who love their hair, PCOD is the worst nightmare. It may cause hair thinning and hair fall because of abnormal hormonal changes. Dandruff may also be caused by an excessively dry or oily scalp. I bought some natural hair care and Natural Skin Care Products online from some luxurious Natural Skin Care Brands. I got relief from dandruff, oily scalp, and hair fall using some natural hair oils and hair cleansers.

Fat gain 

We have a hormone called insulin, which converts sugars and starches into energy. And PCOS, as usual, plays the devil. It creates a condition called insulin resistance. This means insulin and sugar get stuck into our bloodstream. Since PCOD has its home inside our abdomen, women gain more fat around the waist. Weight loss pills and Natural Skin Care Products can not help with sustainable fat loss. 

If in a month, a normal woman loses 4 kgs after following a prescribed routine, a woman with PCOD following the same routine may lose just one kg! Sustainable fat loss is one of the most important solutions to contain acute PCOD.

Diagnosis of PCOD

There are multiple tests combined to conclude if you have PCOD or not. Your doctor may ask about the history of your menstrual cycles, weight gain and male-pattern hair growth. Moving on to a pelvic inspection, along with some blood tests and hormonal tests. To conclude, the results of these medical tests are combined with your facial condition, the health of your hair, your menses history, hair growth pattern, and abnormal weight gain.


A gyno usually recommends medicines to improve the menstrual cycle. A dermatologist recommends clinical and Natural Skin Care treatment to cure acne and a nutritionist provides diet plans, followed by a lesson on losing weight. This all might seem regular, but being a victim for 12 years, it is quite complicated for women with PCOD to lose fat, maintain a diet, and have healthy skin and hair. 

People with PCOD might try to change their habits, but bodies with PCOD can not stop producing the wrong hormones. Natural Skin Care Products may provide relief but not a cure. What we can do is smoothly try to control and reduce PCOD by following a sustainable treatment plan.

You can try to incorporate the following easy steps in your daily lifestyle to curb PCOD.

  1. Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and squeezed lemon juice. This aids in burning fat and improving digestion. Wash your face with a Natural Face Care Cleanser so it doesn’t take away the natural oils from your face.
  2. If you can’t exercise for longer durations, try taking a 5-MINUTE GAP EVERY TWO HOURS to practice yoga or aerobics. 8 breaks in a day amount to 40 minutes of workout. 
  3. Walk as much as you can. Reach the nearby stores on steps. If you are on a call, don’t just relax on the sofa, start walking. Morning or evening walks in a park help in feeling refreshed and motivated. 
  4. Plan your meals. Have three major meals within a gap of three hours. Prepare two minor meals for snacking. Plan your junk meals as well so you don't end yourself up in ‘junk starvation’. Have a cheat meal, but don’t make it a cheat day.
This is all about PCOD and how you can control it. It is possible to make a few changes in your lifestyle, like eating healthy, walking regularly and switching to Natural Skin Care Products. Many myths are floating around related to PCOD. Believe in yourself and do your research.