Four habits that are ruining your skin and how to correct it all

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Natural skincare products may address your skin concerns, but you can't ignore other aspects of your life that affect your skin's health by disrupting your routine. Your lifestyle is a significant factor in how your skin looks and how healthy it is. The skin speaks through the pores. 

Besides sun damage, hormonal disorders and incorrect skincare, your unhealthy habits are also a primary culprit. Our vegan skincare products can surely help with your skin concerns, but they can't change your unhealthy habits that regularly push down your skin's health.

So, today we are sharing all about those habits and how you can correct them all. Natural skincare depends on your actions, personal belongings and space as a whole.

  1. You are taking your sleep lightly.

It's not the fault of just one Saturday night. It's about your complete sleep cycle. Studies reveal that people who sleep for 7-9 hours at night have healthier skin.

The ideal sleep pattern:

Not only for your natural skincare routine but also your overall health; technically, you should sleep at night for at least 7-9 hours. 

  • Avoid heavy-eating, smoking, drinking etc., before you tuck yourself in.
  • Have a light dinner with a cup of green tea.
  • Take your eyes off of screens 1 hour before sleeping.
  • Use cucumber eye caps to soothe your eyes. It is a very famous formula in the natural skincare circle.


  • Relax your mind before sleeping. Made with exotic formulas, give yourself a massage with our all-natural hair oil from India. 
  • Infused with Moroccan lava clay and multiple exotic minerals, remove the day's build-up with our natural face cleanser and go to bed all cleansed and relaxed.
  • Apply our exotic night cream that will work to reduce your skin fatigue while you sleep.
  • After waking up, cleanse your face with our all-natural cleansing face scrub which has a smooth texture. Rich in green tea and aloe vera, use it for a detoxing and energizing start.
  1. Not managing chronic stress.

Your skin reacts to stress in many ways. It can even become inflamed instantly. If your stress is constant, your skin will undergo faster premature ageing. 


  • Practice guided meditation or take help from a therapist for stress management.
  • Note down or save as voice notes on what stresses you and what relieves your stress.
  • Include some hobbies or outdoor activities in your routine that make you happy.
  • To improve stressful personal relationships, communicate calmly. Try sending letters in a calm, understanding and explanatory tone.
  • In case of monetary stress, take help from a financial advisor or a friend if needed. 
  • Nature is a strong stress reliever. It opens our minds and brings in many ideas, helps us breathe better and remain calm. Go out to a park every day for at least 20-30 minutes. Just relax, take a walk or practice yoga and meditation. It will affect your natural skincare a lot!
  • Try to be positive. Start seeing things from others' perspectives to get a better understanding of how to handle the situation.
  • Find happiness in small gestures and always show gratitude. Reciprocating respect and help will empower you and make you happier.


Yes, this applies here also- Our all-natural hair oil from India is filled with rich natural oils that relax your mind. Spending time on yourself is a great way to relieve your stress!

  1. Using chemicals that mess with your hormones.

Many synthetic chemicals can hamper your natural hormonal pattern. You can spot them in your skin products, house cleaning products, plastic material, and even in your water sources and food items. Hormonal imbalances can lead to severe acne, fat gain, diabetes, etc.

How to find and avoid them?

  • Research and spot such chemicals in the ingredient list of the products you use on your skin and in your home. Focus on your natural skincare routine and vegan skincare products and bring eco-friendly products for your home.
  • Try to eat organic foods and cut down on foods that might be injected with growth-boosting chemicals or sprayed on with pesticides.
  • Use a high quality-tested water filter.
  • Clean every corner of your home and throw the garbage out regularly.


Our all-natural cleansing face scrub is the best because of its rich natural ingredients. It has been one of the bestsellers since the start! 

  1. Vegetable oils

Many cooking oils might be treated with pesticides and chemicals. Some even undergo bleaching and scenting. Consuming such processed or refined oils is not healthy for your skin.

Which oils are safe to consume?

  • Desi Ghee
  • Virgin olive oil. 
  • Organic Flaxseed oil.
  • Cold-pressed oils like coconut, almond and avocado.

Even one step a day will surely lead you to control and improve your habits and daily routine and eventually improve your skin's health and boost the effectiveness of your natural or vegan skincare products. Remember, limit using processed food, sleep at night for at least 7 hours, manage your stress and stay away from toxins around you.