How Does Grape Seed Oil Benefit Your Skin And Body?

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How Does Grape Seed Oil Benefit Your Skin And Body?

Grape seed oil is one of the many beauty oils with a myriad of benefits. It is sourced from the grapes' seeds. Crushing the seeds of grapeseed and extracting the fat from them with a solvent like hexane yields this oil. This process is used for almost all kinds of oils. 

Grapeseed Oil Benefit

Grape seeds' are extremely rich in antioxidants, linoleic acid, vitamin E, and omega 6 fatty acids. Grapeseed oil is well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. These properties make it a renowned topical ingredient to be used in skincare. 

For you to learn more about grapeseed oil's benefits for the skin, we have enlisted all the benefits of this potent, multi-tasking oil. 

You'll see this oil has a plethora of skin-aiding and preventative properties that pack a powerful punch.

  1. Moisturizes Your Skin: The presence of linoleic acid and Vitamin E provides a great deal of moisturization. If you are someone from a dry skin family, you will see a change in your skin once you start to use it. Also, grape seed oil helps to build up your skin's elasticity. Elastin is a protein that provides skin with the ability to stretch and snap back. As one ages and the time begins to show its effect, the skin loses its elasticity which makes the skin lose its bounce and plumpiness. Using grapeseed oil benefits for skin are endless and it is a great way to restore that back. 
  2. Treats Acne: Linoleic acid in the grape seed oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to reduce acne and retain moisture. It also has sebum-flowing preventing comedones that help reduce sebum production in the skin and block likely follicles. 
  3. Lighten Scars: Studies have shown that grapeseed oil can help speed up the healing properties of your skin and decrease the formation of keloid scars. A keloid scar is a dense scar. It can transpire wherever you have a skin injury but usually forms on earlobes, shoulders, cheeks, or the chest. This makes grapeseed oil a potent healing oil. 
  4. Hydrates and Firms Your Skin: Grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, which is used in all your expensive creams. In addition to protecting the skin from UV damage caused by the sun, this fat-soluble antioxidant reduces the effect of free radicals. It also helps to make your skin nourished, hydrated, and radiant.
  5. Evens Out Skin Tone: As grapeseed oil contains antioxidant proanthocyanidin, it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and improves overall skin tone. Due to their ability to absorb oxygen radicals and mediate anti-inflammatory effects, proanthocyanidins are among plants' most well-known and powerful antioxidants.
Grapeseed Oil Benefit Your Skin


After knowing all these benefits, you might know by now that this oil is a jack-all-trades. It fights acne, helps to reduce scarring and hyperpigmentation, and moisturizes the skin. 

Which Skin Types Can Use It? 

This incredible oil does not disappoint in this aspect as well. All skin types can apply this magical oil. Grapeseed Oils are non-comedogenic, lightweight, and quick to absorb, making them suitable for all skin types. 

Oily Skin Types: Grape seed oil is excellent for oily skin because it is high in linoleic acid, which helps to control sebum production in the skin, and the presence of omega-6 fatty acids helps fortify the skin barrier and reduce water loss from the skin. 

Dry Skin Types: It suits even dry skin types because of its moisturizing properties it gets from vitamin E present in it. Vitamin E helps restore moisture and also builds up elasticity. 

Combination Skin Type: As it suits dry and oily skin types, the combination of two is generally called the combination skin type. Grapeseed oil for face has all the properties a combination skin type will need.  

Sensitive Skin Type: Grapeseed oil is highly effective as a standalone ingredient in products designed to soothe and help reduce sensitive skin reactions. As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps the skin to calm down and also helps to reduce redness. 

Ways You Can Use Grapeseed Oil? 

If you want to start using grapeseed oil for skin but wonder how? Grapeseed oil can be used in many ways. You can use it- 

As a Serum: Cold pressed grapeseed oil is safe to use on your face. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin, and its antimicrobial properties unclog the pores and reduce acne. It is lightweight and non-comedogenic, so it does not clog pores. 

How To Use? 

  • Take 4 drops of oil if you are a dry skin type and take 2 drops if you are an oily skin type.
  • Place the oil on your face with the help of your fingers and spread in a circular motion. 


Use It As A Makeup Remover: Using oil as a makeup remover does not settle with most people. They are preconditioned to know that oil can clog pores. While it can be true for some oils, grapeseed oil is known for unclogging the skin, and its antibacterial properties help the skin from harmful bacteria. All these properties make Grapeseed oil the best oil for removing makeup. 

How To Use? 

  • Take a few drops of oil into your palm and rub your palms together to heat it.
  • Now gently remove all your makeup, starting from your eyes, lips, and whole face. 
  • Use a makeup-removing towel or a cotton pad and scrape off all the makeup and oil. 
  • After that, use your regular face. 


Use It For A Flawless Foundation Base: While doing your makeup, you might notice that sometimes your foundation is just laying flat, or it is too matt and does not look like skin. Well, grapeseed oil is the solution, girl. Add some drops of the oil to the foundation, and you will get a glowy skin-like finish. 

How To Use?  

  • Take some foundation at the back of your hand or mix slate. 
  • Then add 1-2 drops of grapeseed oil to it.
  • Mix them and apply your foundation like you usually do. 


Use It As A Body Oil: This oil is a boon for your body as well.  It is highly effective in reducing stretch marks, body acne, and even your skin. It is excellent in locking moisture into your skin, making it plump and hydrated. A plus point  is that grapeseed oil benefits for body are also endless.It gives your body instant luminosity on application. You might wonder how to use grapeseed oil for even tone skin? 

How To Use? 

  • Just take some oil into your palms and spread it over your hands, legs, or any other desired body part. 
  • Massage it in for around 5 mins. 
  • You can use a body lotion on it afterward. 


Use It As A Hair Serum: You can also use it as a hair serum. It is very lightweight, making it great as a hair serum. When you feel like your hair is too frizzy, apply grapeseed oil to get frizz-free, smooth, and shiny-looking hair. 

How To Use?

  • Apply a few drops to your hair's middle and lower parts.
  • Make sure not to use too much. 
  • Apply it whenever your hair feels dry.

Our Best Products With Grapeseed Oil

Vedic Elixir Facial Oil

A combination of eight luxurious oils, this facial oil will make you experience new levels of skin brilliance. Renowned for skin buffing efficiencies for a smoother texture. It has a Smooth application that delivers optimal moisture, nutrition, and care. It also diminishes fine lines, age spots, and signs of skin fatigue for tighter, younger-looking skin and sparks microcirculation for a brighter, youthful radiance. Grapeseed Oil present in this serum provides your skin antioxidants, linoleic acid, vitamin E, and omega-6 fatty acids which makes this serum  well-known for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. 

How to Use?

  • Apply 3-4 drops every morning and before going to bed. 
  • Use fingertips to massage it into your face and neck gently.  
  • Quick absorption occurs with instant hydration.
  • You can even use a face roller for better results. 

Urban Rani Facial Serum

This serum gives you a spotless glow and instantly brightens and illuminates your skin. Its multi-action formulas target signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark spots and pigmentation. It gently exfoliates your skin for smoother textured skin. It is also known to hydrate glowing, plump, youthful skin. Contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide that helps to hydrate your skin and also prevents form damage. 

How to Use?

  • Apply 3-4 drops every morning and before going to bed. 
  • Use fingertips to massage it into your face and neck gently.  
  • Quick absorption occurs with instant hydration.


What is the texture and viscosity of the grapeseed oil? 

Grapeseed oil is a lightweight emollient. It has a thin and silky texture and a light yellowish-green color. Grapeseed oil is lightweight and will not make you feel greasy or weighed down. It contains about 12 percent drying oil, which has excellent skin spreadability and penetrating qualities. This is why grapeseed oil for skin and hair is a great oil. 

How often should you use grapeseed oil? 

You should use grapeseed oil twice daily for at least two weeks on the skin to see a difference. On the other hand, you should use it once daily on your hair. 

Are there any side effects of grape seed oil? 

Until and unless you are allergic to grapeseed oil, there are no side effects that accompany it. Before applying grapeseed oil to your face, test it on a less visible area of your skin, like your wrist or ankle. Once you have done a spot test, wait 24 hours to ensure you don't react to the oil.