How to utilize your best face oil for glowing skin!

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Designed for all skin types and concerns, facial oils or face oils have some exciting formulas. Moreover, if you follow a natural skin care routine, a plant-based face oil can do wonders for your skin! Did you know that while giving you supple and healthy skin, facial oil can be a bigger multi-tasker? We are talking about face oils with silky, soft and light texture that are rich in natural nutrients and melt smoothly inside your skin, without making your face greasy and sticky.

Here are some unique uses of a silky natural face oil.

  1. Moisturize more

If you are fighting extremely dry and dull skin, your moisturizer may not be enough for you. Add 4 drops of face oil to your moisturizing lotion or cream to get a more moisturized skin and smoother texture.

  1. Set that makeup right


With high amounts of silicones in most makeup primers, you end up with a loud texture on your face that not only looks heavy but also feels the same on your skin. Whereas, a light-textured face oil gets absorbed quickly and smoothly inside your skin, making it ready for all layers of makeup!


Most foundations tend to dry out after a few months or in winters. If you use it occasionally, you might someday see that your foundation has just frozen and it can’t save the day. On those days, you can depend on your face oil. Instead of water, add a few drops of facial oil to dilute your hardened foundation. It will also add an extra shine to it!


What did people do before all the machinery and cosmetic products were developed? Our ancestors used to mix oil and plant pigments to make fine blush tones. Then why not us? Blend a few drops of natural face oil with Kumkum for that natural red touch or saffron for the orangish tone. Since light-textured facial oils slip subtly inside our skin, the blush looks very natural and it feels quite light and soft on skin. You can lighten or darken the tone by adjusting the amount of the natural pigment you are using. If you choose a correct face oil that doesn’t hamper your natural skin care needs, you can absolutely use it daily.

3. Highlight and shine

Do you love that glowing and shiny look? You can surely get that right here at your home, without hunting for the best illuminators and shimmers. Grab your face oil and shimmery eyeshadow of gold or silver shade. Mix a little bit of both and spread nicely on your face and there you go! You now have a perfect illuminator to use anywhere, anytime.

Especially in winters, face oil is an impressive go-to product. But not every oil is suitable for your skin. To start with your new face oil-infused routine, understand some important facts to get the best out of your facial oil.

  1. Choose a face oil according to your skin type.
  • For normal skin, you can choose face oils that contain sweet almond, olive and apricot oils.
  • If you have oily skin, this doesn’t mean you don’t need oils. Face oils work differently. There are facial oils for oily skin too, which are lightweight and designed to control your skin’s oil production and tackle acne. You can find the best facial cleansing oil for yourself, which contains sunflower, jojoba, hemp and tea tree oils.
  • Dry skin always loves some oil. While all the above oils suit dry skin, coconut, palm, argan and sea buckthorn oils are best suited, as they are heavier.
  • If you have sensitive skin, too much synthetic fragrance can be irritating for your skin, leading to burning, swelling and redness on your skin. You can use products that have relatively less fragrance. To ensure this, look at the ingredient description given on the product. Fragrance should be listed somewhere at the end. This is because it is mandatory to write it in order of quantity. And if the fragrance is less than 1%, you have a fantastic face oil. Even some natural aromatic oils can be irritating on sensitive skin, so always do a patch test.
  • Bonus points, if your face oil is enriched with Vitamin E. This super nutrient is vital and suitable for all skin types.
  1. A few drops of facial oil, and you are good to go.

Serums and facial oils are not similar to lotions and creams. In case of face oils, you only need a few drops of it, depending on your skin type. Technically, between 3 to 6 drops.

  1. Apply on a cleansed and moist face.

The first rule: Do not stuff anything into your face without cleansing it. It is not good for your natural skin care and the products might not spread evenly on your face. Cleanse your face thoroughly before moving on to makeup, serums, moisturizers and oil.  And with face oils, make sure your face isn’t too dried out when you are applying it. If your face is already cleansed but the moisture is gone, you can also spray a natural face mist and then apply your face oil. This ensures that the moisture is now locked inside your skin.

  1. Store away from light and wind.

Face oils do not respond well in sunlit and windy areas. You need to keep it somewhere safe. Store them in a cool and dry place. 

To understand the concept of face oils and to find the best facial cleansing oil for your skin, you can read this crisp guide.If you have more ideas, you are most welcome to share them with us. Hope you’re ready to utilize the best face oil for glowing skin now! You can also join our holistic natural skin care and beauty circle for more amazing info like this.