Mind-Body Wellness Explained

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Mind-Body Wellness Explained  

Did you know there is a day for celebrating mind & wellness? Yes, it is true, every year on 3rd January, we observe the 'International Mind-Body Wellness Day.' It's unclear when and who established it, but it is one of the best times to discuss wellness. Because why not? Most of us only make a list of resolutions around that time, irrespective of if we can compel ourselves to follow that. After the coronavirus outbreak, everyone wished for a healthy and joyful life. All of these wishes can come true only if you are ready to indulge with the attention that your mind & body deserves. Mind-Body wellness isn't a one-day thing; it is an ongoing process. The 'International Mind-Body Wellness Day' is to bring awareness. Evaluating and upgrading our physical, mental, and emotional health should be the priority to live a peaceful life. Leading a life with a healthy mind and body can help you achieve the promising paths and desired goals in life.   

History of Mind-Body Wellness.   

"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not to anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly." - Gautam Buddha.  

The accurate term for Mind-Body wellness is Holistic Wellness, and it's not just a philosophical concept; it's a part of holistic medicine, which originated thousands of years back. It deals with the overall well-being and healing of a human in the best possible ways. Like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, the most ancient wisdom identified it, bridging physical, mental, and emotional health.  

Why do people explore Mind-Body wellness?  

We can whine about tough times and survive with negativity, but nobody wants to survive; they want a peaceful survival. Everyone wants to live happily and safely. Maybe these reasons will motivate people to explore mind-body wellness:  

  • To lead a healthy and happy life.  
  • To remain calm and obtain peace of mind in tough times.  
  • For self-exploration.  
  • Finding the purpose of life.  
  • To simplify and balance their social, personal, and professional lives.  

What is mind-body wellness?  

What is the first thing you can hear your mind talking when you hear 'Mind-body wellness' and 'Holistic wellness'? You may recognize activities like mindfulness, meditation, healthy lifestyle, but it's more than just a set of actions. Holistic wellness covers everything. It's a way of living in which you acknowledge that whatever you do, affects the health of your body, mind, and spirit, for example, whom you sit with, what you eat, how you think, your self-care routine, etc.  

Different medicines, lifestyles, and cultures lay down different approaches to Holistic Wellness. To simplify, modern specialists split it into seven segments- physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and occupational segments.   

Here are some ways to prep yourself for a holistic approach in life:  

Daily Rest  

It can be challenging to sit still sometimes. However, you must take enough rest to calm down your senses, mind, body, and spirit. Try setting alarms for your sleep; keep away from screens at least 1 hour before sleeping and take a few naps.  

Work with a coach  

Expert guidance can help you get insights into what changes you can make in your life. A holistic wellness coach can give you a sense of direction. It's a great way to steer your possibilities and solve the root causes.  

Meditation and mindfulness  

Knowing yourself is the first thing to hop onto this journey. Different kinds of meditations can help you figure out yourself and provide you with clarity. One such form is mindfulness or Vipassana. It involves focusing on the interconnection between mind and body. You have to pay attention to the physical sensations reaching up to your brain. It also helps in concentration and balancing emotions.  

Foster positive relationships  

Good social relations help build strong self-esteem. Put your efforts and time into creating meaningful relationships. You can find people with whom you share the same goals. Such relationships have a resounding positive effect on your daily routine and even professional life. It, in turn, affects your Mind-Body wellness in a big way.  

Stay open-minded  

You should check if you are biased and skeptical about anything or anyone. Your thoughts also affect your physical and mental health. Understand and learn everything about it before you jump to conclusions and debates.  

Do things that you love.  

Don't forget to live while struggling to survive. Hassles with work, relationships, and money may not leave time for hobbies and fun, but you should never ignore them. Find time for those activities anyhow. Also, you don't have to restrict your diet and habits immediately and strictly. There are ways to live a healthy life while relaxing or enjoying.  

Taking one step at a time is a great way to explore holistic wellness. There is no going back once you get the taste of rich health and happiness.  

Do you need mind-body wellness?  

The answer is with you.  

Sit at rest and close your eyes. Imagine yourself with a healthy body, relaxed mind, and happy soul...   

Sometimes, you don't even know what you need until you try it.