Redensyl for Hair: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, and More

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Redensyl for Hair: Benefits, Uses, Side Effects, and MoreRedensyl

Meaning: What is Redensyl?

Hair loss is a concern faced by many. Redensyl is a secret compound that can curb hair loss problems and promote regrowth. This ingredient is highly potent and has been effective against balding. Let's talk in brief about Redensyl.

In addition to being a naturally obtained substance, Redensyl has four essential ingredients that make it an ideal solution for regrowing hair.

  1. Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG)

  2. EGCG2

  3. Glycine

  4. Zinc

Because of these 4 Redensyl ingredients, it directly targets the increased stem cell regeneration in the root of the hair. It works to prolong the hair cycle by shortening the shedding phase and increasing the growth phase. This ensures there is a significant reduction in hair fall.

The hair cycle consists of 3 states.

  • Anagen: The growth phase of the hair

  • Catagen: The phase of hair transition

  • Telogen: This is the phase of hair loss.

Over three years is the duration of the anagen phase, over three weeks is the duration of the catagen phase, and over three months is the duration of the telogen phase. Redensyl first targets the telogen phase to reduce its duration of it and enhance the anagen phase. When it comes to hereditary baldness, Redensyl might not be that effective, but it can certainly delay the process.

Now that we retain some understanding of our star ingredient Redensyl let's delve into Redensyl for hair benefits.

How Does Redensyl Benefit Hair Growth?

  • Accelerates hair growth: Like other ingredients, Redensyl does not work on a surface level, which is what makes it different from others. It aims at the root cause, the cells of the hair follicles. It encourages the initial hair growth phase and helps to reactivate cell division leading to hair regrowth. Redensyl is natural, and non-hormonal and ensures that your hair growth at a cellular level is not disrupted so that you can see the desired results.

    • Makes your hair thicker and stronger: Whenever you stroke your hair with your fingers, you get some hair in it, then it is a great time to stop the clock on your hair fall and use Redensyl to flaunt smooth and voluminous hair. Nutrients like glycine and zinc in Redensyl nourish the hair follicles and provide necessary proteins to your hair follicles. It also enhances blood circulation in your scalp.

      • Reduces hair fall significantly: Redensyl is known to reduce hair fall by 17% within three months. The telogen phase is the most concerning phase of the whole hair cycle. This is where one starts to face hair fall issues. Redensyl can quickly reduce the effects of this phase and reduce hair fall by nourishing the hair follicles and preventing them from snapping.

        • Helps improve hair volume naturally: It affects two phases of the hair cycle, the anagen phase (hair growth phase) & telogen phase (hair fall phase), which increases the hair growth rate and decreases its fall rate. This results in a natural increase in the volume of hair. It is also beneficial to have a hydrated and revitalized scalp and hair follicles as they improve the volume of your hair.

          How To Use Redensyl?

          After knowing all these benefits, you might want to try them out yourself. When it comes to Redensyl is best used in the form of serum as serum has a smaller molecular structure, which makes it perfect for the ingredient to penetrate the scalp.

          Let's take a close look at how to use Redensyl hair serum.

          1. Apply twice daily, close to the roots, on a dry and clean scalp. Massage gently for enhanced absorption.
          2. The amount of product to be used will depend on the affected area, the severity of the condition, and the hair density.
          3. Consistency is more important than the quality of the product you apply to your scalp. A continued application will make you see the desired results.

          Benefits of redensyl for hair

          Is It A Replacement For a Hair Transplant?

          Can Redensyl replace hair transplant? This statement is not too far-fetched. During the double-blind versus placebo clinical trial, volunteers with Medical Norwood grade three to four alopecia were given Redensyl. More than 28,200 new hairs were achieved by 85% of the volunteers after only 84 days, which equals three complete hair transplant procedures. The exciting part is, no Redensyl side effects were noted among the observers. Hair transplant comes along with a series of side effects like; scalp pain, itching, infections, inflamed scalp, & visible areas of hair that look different from the surrounding hair or are noticeably thinner.

          Best Redensyl Products Available at Nourish Mantra

          Advanced Hair Growth Serum: is pure nutrition for your hair, powered by Regenerative Redensyl + AnaGain + Procapil + Rice Water. It provides voluminous, lush, and healthy hair. It contains the award-winning Redensyl and the clinically proven AnaGain, which tirelessly work to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. Additionally, the natural extracts improve hair quality by increasing hair density and eliminating all bald spots with this non-greasy formula.


          1. Has Anyone used Redensyl for Hair Loss?

          A. Yes, several people have used Redensyl for Hair Loss and saw positive results within two months of regular use

          2. Is Redensyl Safe?

          A. There are no side effects to this ingredient, but for some, it might take longer to show its effect when compared to other ingredients like finasteride. You need to use it for at least 5-6 months to see the benefits of it on your hair

          3. Is Redensyl FDA-approved?

          A. No, Redensyl is not FDA-approved.

          4. Does Redensyl Work?

          A. Yes, it does. Redensyl increases hair growth by 8.9%, which is a great percentage. It also reduces hair fall by 17% within three months, which is why it is one of the most potent ingredients to fight hair loss. 

          5. Does Redensyl cause hair shedding?

          A. Every scalp and hair type is unique, which is why the hair cycle of each individual will differ as well, which is why hair shedding might occur to ones with sensitive scalps. Otherwise, there has been no shedding among Redensyl users.

          6. How Long Does It Take for Redensyl to Work?

          A. Redensyl shows its effectiveness within 5 to 6 months. This period can shorten when combined with other ingredients like Procapil & AnaGain.

          7. Does Redensyl Grow Hair?

          A. Redensyl directly targets the increased stem cell regeneration in the root of the hair. It works to prolong the hair cycle by shortening the shedding phase and increasing the growth phase. Hence leading to hair growth.

          8. What Is Redensyl Made From?

          A. Redensyl is a naturally found component that has four essential ingredients that make it an ideal solution for regrowing hair.
          1. Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG)
          2. EGCG2
          3. Glycine
          4. Zinc

          9. How Long Should We Use Redensyl?

          A. Redensyl is to be used for at least 5 to 6 months regularly to achieve the desired hair growth.

          10. What happens if I stop using Redensyl?

          A. Unlike other ingredients like Minoxidil, Redensyl does not cause hair to shed. The usage of Redensyl can be stopped at any time without suffering any side effects.

          11. Can Redensyl cure baldness?

          A. Redensyl increases hair density by promoting sustainable hair growth. As a spot treatment for pattern baldness and alopecia areata, it can be used on affected areas.

          12. Can I apply Redensyl twice daily?

          A. Yes, you can use Redensyl twice a day. Just make sure to have enough gap between the two times of application.