Skin Cleansing: Why Is Washing Your Face Important?

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When you cleanse your face twice a day and each time after you sweat, you can say: “I have a perfectly clean and tidy face”. If your skin cleansing game is not strong enough, you may face issues frequently. Here are some million-dollar questions on face cleansing with very simple answers. 

  • What is skin cleansing?
  • Why is facial hygiene important?
  • What are the benefits of washing your face at night?
  • What are the benefits of using a cleanser?

Your face is the heart of your skin cleansing routine. For a problem-free, soft and glowing face, your facts should be crystal clear. Answering all the above questions in this blog, we’ll take you on a skin-purifying tour.

What is skin cleansing?

We spend a fortune on makeup, fragrances, jewelry and accessories. In reality, the way to a problem-free, beautiful and healthy skin starts with cleansing. Skin is the largest organ in your body and you need to take good care of it. Skin can absorb anything that sits on the surface of the skin and most of it mixes with our bloodstream. The process of removing dirt, oil, impurities and other pollutants from the skin is called skin cleansing. A good skincare routine is not just a beauty ritual. It’s a part of your basic hygiene and health. We all need to keep our skin clean and tidy. Let’s uncover the true power of skin cleansing.

Benefits of cleansing

You are living your best life when you are completely healthy and happy. Cleansing makes ⅔ of your holistic health. When you keep your skin clean, you avoid lots of harm that comes your way. With an elaborate skin cleansing routine, you can ensure that your tiny skin pores do not absorb and accumulate harmful substances. Now, what can these be? Have a look:

  • Environmental pollutants: Smoke, dust, particulate matter, smog, harmful liquid molecules, bacteria and fungus. 
  • Skincare products: Sunscreen, body lotion, hand lotion, body oil. If you use synthetics, know that there are many toxic ingredients in regular body care products that can harm you in the long run. 

Whenever these unwelcomed guests find a place inside your skin, you face breakouts, poor odor, dull and dead skin, etc. After some time, you can even develop itching and redness.

When you clean and wash your skin regularly, you can remove stubborn impurities and toxins. It’s the best way to keep your skin free from most of the issues. Skin cleansing is the first step towards a detoxed, fresh, healthy and hydrated body.

Benefits of Cleansing Face

Think of facial skin as the most extroverted kid. It’s present everywhere, every time and similarly, facial skin is all-time exposed to the external atmosphere. Apart from environmental pollutants and skincare products, your face sees a lot more. 

  • Facial substances: Oil, sweat and condensed breath accumulated inside our preventive face masks. You might have heard about maskne. It’s trending everywhere. This is not just a hoax, but a true scenario. Maskne is when you face breakouts on your face after wearing preventive face masks. Even before COVID, many of us wore masks to avoid pollution and have faced maskne. Cleansing can keep your face safe from such breakouts. 
  • Personal care products: Makeup, sunscreen and skincare products. Even your hair care products come in contact with your face. Wash your face only with a suitable cleanser and face wash, not with shampoo. It’s important that you keep other formulas away from your face. 

To purify your face completely, you have to use the best skin cleanser, face wash and exfoliator. This is a primary part of good facial hygiene. You need a very safe, healthy and suitable skin cleanser. Go for a natural skin cleanser, that suits your skin type really well and handles other issues that you need. It should not imbalance your skin’s natural moisture and oil level. 

Benefits of using a Cleanser

Using a cleanser is a part of your personal and facial hygiene, preventing diseases, dryness and uncleanliness. Simply using water or applying an ordinary face wash won’t do the trick. There’s so much more to skin cleansing. These are some major benefits of face wash and cleanser.

Deep detox

Remember we said, skin cleansing removes all impurities and debris from your face and keeps it clean and balanced. Note that this is the benefit of face wash and cleansers, not alone water. The best cleanser will suit your skin and its concerns. Be it acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, oily skin or dry skin. You can even prevent future skincare issues with regular face washing and robust skin cleansers.

Hydrate and rejuvenate your face

There are some special benefits of a face wash that is rich in naturally hydrating substances like our Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser. With regular use, it can balance the moisture and oil content of your skin. With foaming and detergent-based cleansers, your skin can become really dry, dull, rough and wrinkled. Choose a skin cleanser that maintains the PH levels of the skin and do not steal natural oil level. Do you know the most celebrated benefits of using this cleanser? It can give your face a blast of freshness, help kill free radicals in your skin cells and tackle pollution and UV damage! Amazing, right?

Soak in all the nourishment 

A skin cleanser prepares your face to absorb subsequent skincare products, like a serum or moisturizer. When you purify the skin pores, your moisturizer can be maximum effective. The whole point of applying treatments and skincare products is that they should work, right?

Get your true, youthful glow

How do you feel about a 2-in-1 skin cleanser? Our Green Tea Tatva Scrub Cleanser gives an excellent skin detox while removing dead skin cells from your face. It’s a soft-textured, mild exfoliator and skin cleanser that treats skin issues like acne, inflammation and works to reveal glowing, younger skin.

Now, do you know there are some special benefits of washing your face at night? Let’s see what are those. 

Benefits of washing your face at night

Your skin also needs to relax and replenish on its own. So, just before you jump into your bed, follow your nighttime routine starting with a skin cleanser and moving on to your treatment serum and night cream.

Benefits of washing your face

Remove your makeup like a pro

At night, your skin can just give up and get exhausted. With all the build-up and makeup. It needs a double cleanse at night. Double-cleansing is a two-step skin cleansing process. In the first step, you remove all the makeup, sweat and dirt. Use oil or lotion-based cleansers. Apply them on your face and then wipe with a cotton or face wipe. This prepares your skin for a complete cleanse with a face wash. 

Healing time

Every night should be a healing time for your skin. Sleep time is when your skin muscles can also relax along with your body and mind. You don’t have to face pollution, UV rays and screen time. Wash your face properly and let your skin breathe in the fresh air.

Treatment serums

The night is also the best time to use your treatment serums and creams. After skin cleansing, you can make way for your acne-clarifying serum or antiaging face oil. It’s one of the best ways to address pressing skin issues.

With this, we end the chapter on the importance of skin cleansing and the benefits of using a cleanser. We know that you don’t need more chapters to grasp it all. Invest in your skin. It’s always going to be the first thing that speaks for your health. If you learn the art of skin cleansing, half of your face issues might just vanish!