The Ultimate Pre And Post Holi Skin Care Tips

Nourish Mantra


Bura na mano holi hai! But what if your skin is not happy with it? The synthetic colors used these days take a toll on your sensitive skin. Don't worry; our skin care guide will give you the best pre and post-Holi skin care tips so you can celebrate this colorful festival without worrying about your skin.

Pre-Holi Skin Care

Before you start to splash your friends with colors and water, make sure to prepare your skin to get drenched in color as well. Our pre-Holi skin care tips will help you create an outer skin barrier to save your skin from synthetic dyes.

Let’s get started with the pre-Holi skin care tips!

  • Start With A Clean Face

  • While you are going to get splashed with colors, don't assume that cleaning your face might be optional on Holi. In fact, we recommend double cleansing to prep your skin for the layering that we will talk about in the next section.

    Nourish Mantra Green Tea Tatva Scrub is a 2-in-1 formulation that acts as a face wash plus scrub. This natural cleanser is enriched with green tea extracts, aloe vera leaves extracts and niacinamide. It cleanses your skin and scrubs off your dead skin cells to give you a youthful glow. It has powerful antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.

    Key benefits of this face wash are:

    • Double action formula= cleanser + exfoliator
    • Gives you even-toned skin with the power of ayurvedic ingredients.
    • Removes dirt, impurities, and dead skin cells effectively.

  • Layer Your Skin With Products Carefully

  • You will need to follow the correct path while layering products on your skin during Holi. Start with the thinnest first (toner), and end with the thickest (sunscreen). 

  • Moisturizer

  • Moisturizing your skin is a good idea since it creates an outer barrier on your face. Use a thick moisturizer to coat your face. However, people with combination and oily skin are recommended to use an oil-free moisturizer. We do not recommend using a serum on the day of the Holi since the active ingredients present in it may react with the chemicals in colors to cause irritation.

    Nourish Mantra Saatvik Moringa Facial Moisturizer with SPF is the perfect moisturizer for Holi. It contains the therapeutic extracts of Indian Ginsberg, Gotu Kola, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Wheatgerm Oil. It provides round-the-clock hydration and forms a protective layer on your skin.

    Key benefits of this moisturizer include:

    • UV protection
    • Skin hydration
    • Even skin tone

    B. Sunscreen

    After you are done moisturizing your face, don't forget to use sunscreen. Since you will be playing Hoil outside in the open, where the chances of UV exposure are maximum, take a good amount of sun protection. 

    The thicker the sunscreen, the larger the protection you will get. Try to get an SPF 30+ level of protection for your face. Take 2 pumps full of sunscreen and massage it over your face. Let it absorb completely before you go out to celebrate. If your moisturizer or foundation has SPF, you don't need to apply it separately.

    C. Body Oil

    While you are protecting your face from the harsh Holi colors, don't forget that the skin of your body also needs some protection. While body lotion is a good choice, we recommend you go for body oils that offer a thicker texture and form an outer barrier between your skin and colors. It also makes it easy for the colors to come out later.

    The Cinnamon Divya Body Oil from Nourish Mantra contains bioactive nutrients and antioxidants, forming an outer barrier on your skin. It has sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil, all of which moisturize your skin and make it easy for colors to come out quickly.

    Key benefits of this body oil include:

    • Moisturizes dry skin
    • Improves skin elasticity
    • Reduces stretch marks

    3. Hair Care

    The chemicals in Hoil colors don't just affect your skin but also your hair. Make sure to wash your hair a night before Holi and condition it properly. This will save your hair from becoming dull, dry, and brittle due to the presence of synthetic dye in hair. Massage your hair with good hair oil, 2-3 hours before playing Hoil.

    Nourish Mantra Cosmic Sutra Hair Oil is the best hair oil for pre-Holi skin care. It contains moringa which helps prevent dryness, and argon oil that provide nourishment to the hair roots. All in all, it coats your hair to save it from the ill effects of chemical dyes.

    4. Lip Care

    We often forget the small delicate parts of our body like our lips, ears, and eyes. To safeguard them against the ill effects of chemical colors, coat them with petroleum jelly one hour before you play Holi. It helps to remove colors from these areas easily. 

    5. Nails Care

    The harmful chemicals can enter your body through your nails when you eat. We highly recommend cutting your nails short and layering them up with nail paint. This helps to keep the nails moisturized and stain-free. Using a good hand cream is also a great idea.

    Post Holi Skin Care 

    While you had a blast at the Holi celebrations, it's time to take good care of your skin, so it also starts to feel better! Check out our post-Holi skin care tips for the best skin cleansing. 

  • Cleansing

  • Cleansing your entire body is your most important task after playing Holi. You will need to clean your body, hair, and face properly to remove colors. If you followed our pre-Holi skin care tips, it would be easy for the colors to come out.

  • Clean Your Face

  • Cleaning your face is of utmost importance to get rid of chemicals that may irritate your skin. People are generally confused about how to remove Holi colors from the face? We recommend cleaning your face twice, once with water and the second time with cleansing milk, to eliminate all the colors accumulated on your face. You can even use a facial oil to remove makeup and colors gently.

    Use Nourish Mantra Ratrani Clay Cleanser, which is rich in Moroccan lava clay, French red clay, and activated charcoal. It removes deep-seated impurities to give you a fresh-looking face. This natural face wash detoxifies your skin and gives it an even tone.

    Key benefits of this face cleanser include:

    • Cleanses your pores effectively
    • Detoxifies skin without making it dry
    • Also contains Vitamin E to make the skin supple

  • Clean Your Body

  • It is equally important to remove colors from your body. Use a good body wash and loofah to scrub off colors, sweat, and impurities that accumulate on your body. Using warm water is also a good idea to remove excess germs from your skin.

    Use Nourish Mantra Himalayan Cedar Body Wash to clean your body this Holi. it contains turmeric extracts that lighten pigmentation and treat dry skin perfectly. It also contains moringa extracts and cedarwood oil that stimulate blood circulation in your body to give you a healthy glow.

    Key benefits of this body wash include:

    • Cleanses dirt, oil and impurities effectively
    • Moisturizes your skin
    • Lightens pigmentation

  • Clean Your Hair

  • Your hair becomes dull and brittle because of the colors that fall in it. You need a hydrating shampoo and conditioner that takes away the dullness. If you followed our pre-Holi skin care tips, it would be easy to get rid of colors in the hair.

    Use Nourish Mantra Himlayan Cedar Biotin Shampoo for Holi. This shampoo will cleanse your scalp to remove colors and impurities stuck in the hair roots. It also makes the hair super soft and frizz-free. 

    Key benefits of this shampoo include:

    • Contains Biotin and Rice that works wonders on hair fall problems
    • Detangles and smoothens frizzy ends
    • Controls split ends

  • Face Mask

  • Only cleaning your face will not give many benefits. To restore your skin’s barrier, use a good facial mask that purifies your skin and returns back its natural pH. A good facial mask will also treat your face to make it glowy and fresh.

    Use Nourish Mantra Holy Basil and Neem Vardaan Mud Mask. It is your detox companion, which will purify your skin and nourish it deeply to give you a healthy glow. It contains tea tree oil, neem leaves, and basil extracts, all of which are herbal ingredients that are proven to be great for clogged pores, acne, pigmentation, and dry skin problems.

    Key benefits of this face pack include:

    • Purifies skin and nourishes it deeply
    • Prevents skin aging
    • Work well to treat pimples, acne, and other skin ailments.

    1. Moisturizer

    After you are done with skin purification, aka face mask, slather your face with a good face moisturizer to make sure that it remains hydrated and fresh throughout the day for the Holi party!

    Urban Rani Youth Preserve Cream from Nourish Mantra is an excellent facial moisturizer for Holi. It is an intensive, rich-textured cream that works wonders on skin aging and amps up your skin’s hydration to a new level.

    Tips For Holi 2022

    • Wear clothes that cover the maximum area of your body.
    • Carry a hand sanitizer with you this Holi.
    • Carry sunscreen and lip balm too. Re-apply it every 2-3 hours.
    • Avoid hugging or too much physical contact this Holi since the pandemic is still not over, even though it's a better situation than Holi 2021.
    • Try and stick with the usage of organic and dry colors only.


    Holi is a colorful festival. Enjoy it with your friends and family with full vigor, but do remember to take good care of your skin while you do that. Our tips and tricks will come in handy when you are prepping your body for Holi.

    In addition to following a good skin care regime, eating a balanced diet and avoiding sweets can help you get clear skin for this festive season. So, celebrate Holi in style and remain flawless this festive season with Nourish Mantra. A very Happy Holi, everyone!