The Ultimate Summer Skincare Routine to Look Your Best

Nourish Mantra

Indian summers can get exhausting on your skin. The temperatures reach above 40 degrees. You sweat profusely, and tanning becomes one of the biggest concerns. People with oily skin constantly complain of breakouts, while dry skin people feel that their skin is getting more dehydrated day by day. 

What can you do to revive your skin in this scorching heat? Well, other than blasting your AC on and drinking lots of fluid, you can start to transform your summer skin care to include summer-friendly skin care products. But what are these summer-friendly skin care products?

When your skin care routine for summer consists of lightweight and non-comedogenic skin care products that let your skin breathe freely without clogging your skin pores, it is called a summer-friendly skin care routine. 

How to Care for Your Skin in Summers

Let’s discuss a healthy skin care routine in summer that can keep your skin healthy without compromising on your summer glow!

  • A Thorough Cleansing

  • In summers, sweating becomes very common. Sweat can make your skin look greasy. This can clog your skin pores which result in breakouts. Such breakouts are not limited to only oily skin but are faced by all skin types.

    For summers, look for a skin cleanser that contains cooling ingredients like green tea and cucumber. A good face cleanser will remove deep-seated impurities and sweat from your face. This helps to keep your pores unclogged and clean, leading to fewer chances of breakouts. 

    Nourish Mantra has three face cleansers that work well for summer. 

    • Green Tea Tatva Cleanser is a 2-in-1 scrub and face cleanser which works well on all skin types. Green tea contains antioxidants that fight dirt, pollutants, and free radicals to give you a naturally clean face. It exfoliates your skin gently to remove dead skin cells and helps the skin maintain its natural moisture balance. 

    • Another great facial cleanser for summer is Cucumber Mint Upvan Facial Cleanser. It contains the goodness of Niacinamide which removes skin pigmentation. Cucumber and Mint moisturize your skin and keep it cool during hot days. 

    • Ratrani Clay Cleanser is the best clay-based face cleanser that can detoxify your skin to give you a radiant glow. It is enriched with Moroccan lava clay, French red clay, and activated charcoal, which absorbs deep-seated impurities from the deeper portion of the skin to give you a clean, pure glow. 

  • Use an Alcohol-Free Toner 

  • People often avoid toners as being unnecessary. Believe us when we say it, toners can make your summer skin glow like anything! You just need to find the one that suits your skin the most. 

    If you are someone who is new to using toner, start with a non-alcoholic one. This toner is mild on the skin and does not cause any irritation. Use a non-soap face cleanser, followed by an alcohol-free toner. These two steps hardly take 5 minutes at most. 

  • Use an Effective Serum

  • A good serum can deliver targeted results on your skin. If your summer skin concerns are tanning, pigmentation, or breakouts, find a serum that works on those skin concerns to get your summer glow on this season! 

    Nourish Mantra Radiant Glow Serum is a great choice for boosting skin radiance and giving your skin a youthful glow. It provides instant hydration and improves skin tone to give you naturally glowing skin. 

    For people who are prone to breakouts during the summer months, we have an amazing product for you! Nourish Mantra Acne Clarifying Serum fights acne-causing bacteria to give you clear even-toned skin. It is also effective against ace scars and blemishes. 

  • Lightweight Moisturization

  • This summer, make a change in your skin care routine by including a moisturizer in your everyday skin care. Most people skip the moisturization step in summer, thinking that it may make their face sweaty. However, this is not correct. Not using an external moisturizer makes your sebaceous glands more active. They secrete more oil to keep your skin moisturized. This results in more oiliness on the skin surface, leading to breakouts. 

    We recommend that you use a lightweight gel moisturizer for summers. Cream-based moisturizers are heavy on the skin. On the other hand, these lightweight moisturizers get easily absorbed in the skin and make your skin appear non-oily.

    Neer Light Gel Moisturizer from Nourish Mantra is the best summer care moisturizer. It has a very thin consistency and feels light on the skin, but it gives a lot of nourishment as it contains the goodness of hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, and natural rose water. It also soothes sunburns and skin irritation. 

  • Do Not Go Out Without a Sunscreen

  • Whatever be the weather, cloudy, sunny, or rainy, you are not supposed to get outside of your house in any season without sunscreen. The two types of UV rays that may cause damage to your skin include UV A and UV B.

    Although Most of UV B gets absorbed by the atmosphere, some of it reaches the earth and may cause sunburn. However, the more damaging effect of sunlight is caused by UV A. These ultraviolet rays have the potential of causing skin cancer. 

    Most dermatologists recommend that you go for SPF 30 and above. The SPF number tells you how long the UV rays will take to redden your skin. If it is SPF 30, it means that it would take around 30 minutes before the sun gets to burn your skin.

    Use a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips from getting discolored due to UV rays. Reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours for maximum benefits. You need to understand that tanning is only the short-term effect of UV damage. The long-term effects include skin cancer. So start using sunscreen today if you don’t already. 

  • Exfoliate Once a Week

  • A lot of skincare and makeup products can increase sweating on your face and clog your skin pores. To get rid of the dead skin cells and dirt that clog your skin pores, use an exfoliator. 

    You must have tried harsh scrubs to exfoliate your skin. These scrubs can damage your sensitive skin. Try a different approach this summer. How about a serum that exfoliates and nourishes?

    Nourish Mantra has an Exfoliating Serum that contains natural plant-based AHAs like lactic acid, gluconic acid, and salicylic acid. It also contains natural ingredients like papaya extract, lemon juice, etc. This natural serum exfoliates dead skin cells and reduced the size of the pores to give you flawless skin.

  • A Face Mask for Skin Revival

  • Use a face mask to relax and rejuvenate your skin once a week. This lets you detox your skin and nourish it with hydrating ingredients to make it soft and renewed for the next week to come. 

    Nourish Mantra Holy Basil and Neem Vardaan Mud Mask is a great summertime mud mask to purify your skin from toxins and help you get rid of dullness, blemishes, and pimple breakouts. This mask is dermatologically tested and is proven to be safe for all healthy skin types. 

  • A Face Mist for Instant Freshness

  • A face mist can help you refresh your skin mid-day when the sun makes you feel dehydrated. A mist can also be used as a pre or post makeup spray to balance the oil in your skin and give a more dewy finish. 

    Nourish Mantra Kashmiri Lavender Facial Mist is a 100% natural face mist with lavender flower water. It provides quick hydration to your skin and acts as a natural astringent to fight skin inflammation. These are your perfect summer skin care companions. 

    Summer Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin

    • While you take care of your face, do not forget that your body is also susceptible to tanning. Use a good body lotion with SPF to protect your hands and other body parts from getting tanned easily. 

    • Cover your face with cotton cloth if you are someone who goes out in the sun for longer durations. 

    • Drink plenty of water and eat fruits like oranges, watermelons, grapes, etc. These are rich in antioxidants and also contain lots of water to hydrate your body. 

    • You also need to protect your eyes and hair from harmful UV damage. You can do so by stocking up on summer hats and glasses that protect your hair and eyes from constant UV exposure, dirt, and pollution. 

    • Choose lighter fabrics like cotton for summers. It keeps your body sweat-proof. Avoid wearing very tight clothes as it causes sweat to accommodate and cause breakouts. 

    Skincare Mistakes to Avoid in Summer

    While there are many dos that can help you get glowing skin in summer, there are many don't as well, that you have to avoid in order to get summer-ready skin. Some of the skincare mistakes to avoid in summers include:

    • Do not exfoliate your skin in the morning during summers. This is because dead skin cells protect your skin against harmful UV rays. Also, AHA, BHAs, and other skincare actives can make your sensitive skin more prone to sunburns. 

    • Summers are all about beaches and water sports. However, avoid waxing or shaving your skin just before hitting the beach. This is because the sand, sun, and even chemicals in sunscreen can cause skin irritation on just waxed skin.


    • Just like you get rid of your winter coats and cashmere, get rid of your heavy skincare regime as well. Stop using creams and lotions with shea butter and other heavy ingredients. Use a gel-based lightweight formula in your summer skincare regime. 

    • Shower and shampoo immediately after getting out of a swimming pool. Use fresh water to cleanse your skin. 

    • Dermatologists recommend that you bloat your skin with a clean towel or cloth instead of harshly rubbing your face to get rid of sweat. Harsh rubbing can irritate sensitive skin and cause breakouts. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I get clear skin in summer?

    You can get clear skin in summer by following a good summer skincare routine. Wash your face with a cleanser and follow it up with an alcohol-free toner and a lightweight serum. You also need to moisturize your face. Never skip on your sunscreen and make sure to wear a hat and sunglasses to save your skin from sun exposure. 

    1. What should I apply on my face at night during summer?

    First of all, remove all traces of makeup from your face during the night. Wash your face thoroughly and apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer. You can also apply facial oil to get a radiant glow in the morning. Do not forget to apply an eye cream at night. 

    1. Should you moisturize in the summer?

    Yes, moisturizing your skin during summers is as important as any other season. This is because when you do not provide external moisturization, your sebaceous glands become more active and start to produce more sebum. This increases the oiliness of your skin which may cause more breakouts. 

    1. How can I hydrate my face in summer?

    In order to hydrate your face, drink a lot of water and eat fruits rich in antioxidants. This hydrates your skin internally. For external hydration, use a gel-based moisturizer and a lightweight serum that contains active ingredients like hyaluronic acid that increases skin hydration. 

    1. Can we steam face in summer?

     Yes, you can steam your face once a week. This opens up your skin pores and allows dirt and grime to be removed from deeper layers of the skin. Simply boil some water and hover your face above it, Do not forget to drape a towel over your head. 

    Let’s Sum it up

    Following a summer-friendly skincare routine can keep your skin healthy during the summer season. However, the health of your skin also depends on your diet and lifestyle. Exercise regularly and eat healthy to become summer ready this season!

    Nourish Mantra offers you the best summer skincare range. We are a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand. Our products contain a “secret blend” of ayurvedic and science-backed ingredients. Come experience natural skincare with us.