The Whys and Hows of After Makeup Skincare Routine

Nourish Mantra

We all love looking gorgeous with a perfectly contoured face with a neatly blended foundation, flawless eyeliner, and lovely matte lip colour! Makeup almost instantly improves our beauty game, and having great makeup skills is something to flaunt! However, the same stunning makeup could slowly and irrevocably be damaging our skin. The reason is that makeup has in it a lot of chemicals that harm our skin. Some studies claim that excessive use of makeup can cause skin breakouts, premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines, and skin problems we do not want. 

While it is one's own choice whether or not they want to quit makeup altogether, we believe that we can always protect our skin despite using makeup regularly. We can easily do that by religiously following a good skincare routine! Your organic skincare routine should ideally consist of the best anti-ageing eye cream, night cream, face serum, cleanser, and other facial care beauty products. 

Follow these
routine skincare tips to know how and in which order to use your best anti-ageing cream, cleanser, and more. 

  • Take that makeup off!
    This one goes without saying because sleeping with makeup on is a skincare and wellness sin! It not only clogs your pores but also causes your skin to break out, and you may even develop nasty allergies and rashes.
    Take your time to remove every bit of makeup on your skin using a good quality makeup remover or baby oil. Make sure you are not rubbing against your skin harshly, for the skin around your eyes and on your lips is extremely sensitive and may get bruised.

  • Wash your face
    Once the makeup is out, it is time to get rid of the dirt. Use a good quality cleanser or a face wash for acne to prevent any chances of skin breakouts.
    Gently pat your face dry using a soft towel.

  • Use a toner
    Spray a generous amount of liquid-based toner after you dry your skin. A good toner will help maintain the skin's pH levels and close the pores to avoid clogging.

  • Follow up with a serum
    Serums help restore any lost hydration, add essential vitamins, and overall work wonders. Massage a few drops of serum into your skin. Ensure you are using only the best face products.

  • Moisturize!
    It is absolutely essential to restore any lost moisture. Use your choice of anti-ageing cream, night cream, or any other face cream for women. Take a generous amount and apply it all over your face while massaging in a circular motion. You can use an anti-ageing eye cream to keep puffy eyes, dark circles, and wrinkles at bay.

  • Hydrate your lips
    The benefits of after makeup skincare must be extended to your lips as well! Finish your skincare routine with nice, moisturizing, and hydrating lip balm to keep your lips soft, supple, and plumpy.