We Bet You Didn’t Know These Applications For Vedic Elixir Facial Oil

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Boost your skin’s natural glow and protect your skin against damaging the free radicals. The hydrating benefits of facial oils supplements the natural oil that your skin produces in an effort to add the desired moisture. Most likely the dry skin reaps the benefit from using face oils. Disruption of the barrier function on top most layer of the dry skin, which when intact effectively traps water, can be healed with the help of facial oils which acts as an occlusive agent aids in the prevention of water loss. “The versatility of facial oils is twofold; it can address a particular skin issue, like structural damage, dryness, aging from UV [exposure], or skin infections, including acne. The desired benefits of incorporating a facial oil into your skin-care routine largely depend on the type of oil complementing, its composition, and, therefore, the benefits.


Want to get a bespoke facial oil made just for your skin’s unique needs?

Meet Vedic Elixir Facial Oil!


Re-hydrate your skin with the moisture that your skin loses throughout the day with the ultra-hydrating Vedic Elixir Facial Oil. You only need a couple of drops to moisturize with this purifying oil. The luxuriously smooth formula absorb quickly and can nourish skin to refresh, renew and restore your youthful glow.

Facial oils have bad reputation because people assume that it will leave their face looking overly shiny and will cause you to break out—but you find the right one for your skin type, you win! Here, we’ve identified the right facial oil based on your skin needs and provide tips on exactly how to apply it.

Before you get to incorporating Vedic Elixir Facial Oil into your skin care regimen, it’s important to know the right application:



Normal Use:

  • Take a few drops of oil on the palm of your hands.
  • Dot it across your face and neck area evenly.
  • Gently massage onto face and neck with your fingertips, and let it absorb.


Unique Application at Night Time:


Dab and Buff Technique:


  • Take a few drops of oil on the palm of your hands.
  • Rub both the palms together to warm up the oil.
  • Dab the oil gently with the palm of your hands all over the face and neck by gently pressing.
  • Finish the ritual by tapping your fingers all over to buff the skin and enhance absorption.

This technique increases micro-circulation and allows for better efficacy.


Sparkle it up:


Tired of cakey looking makeup? Getting a soft focused dewy finish has never been easier! Add a few drops in your liquid foundation or daily moisturizer for a luminous glow and unleash your Spirit Diva.

You can also dab a drop each on your cheekbones to highlight and get the supplest sheen.


The enriching formula of Vedic Elixir Facial Oil aids in fortifying skin’s moisture barrier while promoting smoother-looking bright skin. In addition to this, the ultra-light finish leaves skin looking dewy and vibrant—not greasy. Gradually, skin starts feeling hydrated, look clearer, and more balanced with continued use over time.


Vedic Elixir Facial Oil is much-loved, replenishing natural face oil that has been created to deeply penetrate the skin and help reduce the signs of aging. This luxurious and deeply nourishing face oil includes nutritive oils, which help promote skin suppleness and restore essential lipids. The 8 in 1 rejuvenating oil with Ayurvedic super critical extracts of herbs and flowers help restore and enhance the skin’s tone and luminosity. It successfully diminishes fine lines, sparks micro-circulation and ensures tighter, younger-looking skin. The smooth application of this moisture rich oil helps in providing optimal moisture, nutrition and care.


Let this Vedic Elixir Facial Oil Retain Your Youthful Appearance!