Choosing the best face serum according to your skin

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You've probably heard about a face serum from a big skincare fan, and now, you want to know all about it, and your search ended up here. Well, this is the perfect spot (not the Sheldon spot, but yes the right place for all the queries you may have about facial serum). 

"Is it a beauty product or a treatment for skin concerns?"  

"How to find the best face serum?  

"Would it suit my skin?"  

"What is a night serum?"  

To begin with, a serum is not just a beauty product. A few intriguing reasons support why many people hail serums as the holy grail for their skin. You can find a face serum for any skin type and concern. Before you hurry, let us cut this short, a crash course on face serums at no cost, and you are good to go.   

What is a face serum?  

A serum is a skincare product designed to solve multiple skin concerns and make your skin healthy. There are a plethora of face serums for all skin types. Some serums come with amazing formulas and jaw-dropping results. With the best face serum, you can get smoother, youthful, and glowing skin within a few weeks.  

How do face serums work?  

A serum contains one or more chemically active substance that starts working immediately. The best part is they come with variety, liquid-based, gel-based, water-based, and even oil-based. They have tiny molecules that reach the deepest layers of the skin to deliver sweeping results. Once you experience the power of the suitable face serum, you might get addicted for all the right reasons.  

Some face serums work only at night. These are specifically known as the night serums, the shining armors. A night serum contains not very sun-friendly ingredients, for example: AHAs and Retinol. Even the best night face serum would not work well for you if you apply it during the day. Such facial serums might lose their effects or deactivate in the sun, or for worst, it may make you undergo some unwanted reactions.  

How would you choose the best face serum for your skin?  

Hundreds of options can confuse anyone but don't drop out. Do not miss out on such an elixir I am about to disclose. Keep in mind these simple tips, and choose the suitable face serum.  

Know your skin type – oily, dry, or combination skin. Whatever your skin type is, never skip the patch test.  

What's the purpose?  

Figure out why do you need/want a face serum?  

Do you want to address acne, dryness, or skin aging?   

Or do you desire a natural glow on your face and maintain healthy skin for a long time?  

Find yourself a face serum that does exactly what you need.  

Choose a safe brand: To ensure maximum safety, go for a vegan, Ayurvedic, or organic skincare brand. Don't miss out, get your hands on a gem, explore these revolutionary facial serums; made with a blend of vegan and Ayurvedic ingredients; this unique combination is nowhere else to be found.   

Youth Restoration serum   

This facial serum has powerful age-defying ingredients like Bakuchiol seed oil, Retinol, Papaya, and Pomegranate. It works to slow down the skin aging process, reduce visible wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation. Infused with Hyaluronic acid, it keeps the skin moisturized.   

Skin repairing is a slow beauty process hence we should give it the time it needs. You can observe the results of our Youth Restoration Facial serum within a month or two after regular usage.  

Acne-clarifying serum   

Imagine a beautiful blend of acne-fighting ingredients like Salicylic acid, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and zinc fighting off those nasty zits. Feels terrific, right? This face serum can shrink enlarged pores to reduce excess oil production and balance the skin. It fights acne-causing bacteria and heals stubborn acne marks.  

Blackheads and whiteheads take a week to diminish, and pimples may soothe within a few weeks. For severe cases of acne, results may appear after 1-2 months, but consultation from a certified dermatologist is mandatory to avoid any allergic reactions. Treating severe acne involves oral medications certified by a professional only.  

Radiant glow serum  

Remember that plump, natural glow you had when you were a kid? This face serum comes with a dreamy skin-brightening and hydrating formula having Vitamin C, Thanaka wood powder, and lots of fruits extracts. It improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity in ways you've never imagined.  

For best results, wait for a few days or weeks.  

It is a whole different side of skincare you might have missed till now, but it's time you invest in the most advanced skincare rituals. Healthy and glowing skin is a sign of good physical and mental health. Explore special facial serums from our luxurious range to tackle photoaging, dull skin, and more!