How to Take Care of Acne-Prone Skin in Summers

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It's finally the time for beachy days and colorful clothing! Summers are the best time to show off your glowing skin. But it is also the time when acne bacteria gets most active! “Summer makes acne worse.” Is that right, or are you not following a good summer skincare routine? Let's find out in this blog! 

Is Acne More Common in Summers Than Other Seasons? 

In a way, yes! Summer months bring in more humidity and warmth, which provides the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. Acne also tends to become one of the most searched topics on the internet during the summer months. Acne skin care in summer needs to be different from acne skin care in winter. 

Why Do You Get More Acne in Summers?

Warmth and humidity cause you to sweat more. Your sebum production also rises. This causes skin pores to get clogged easily. Clogged skin pores are the most significant cause of acne. In summers, you apply sunscreen, body lotions, tan creams, and whatnot. Although they give you the expected summer glow effect, they also mix with dirt, grime, and sweat to block your skin pores. 

Common Summer Acne Problems 

Summer acne is not only limited to your face. Many other body parts also get affected by it. Let's take a look at common body parts that suffer from acne during the summer months. 


    Back acne appears as bumps, blackheads, whiteheads, etc, on your back. It may be caused due to hormonal or genetic changes. Although sometimes, the month of summer generally brings back acne with it.

    Some people get back acne in the summers because sweat accumulates on their back while they travel with a backpack for more hours in the heat. Others might get it due to wearing tight clothes that allow sweat to accumulate in one place.

    To get rid of back acne, wear loose-fitting clothes and exfoliate your back every 3rd day. Use a good body wash to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay. Nourish Mantra Himalayan Cedar Body Wash contains the goodness of turmeric and cedarwood oil which are well-known ingredients to remove dead skin cells and fight acne. 


    Mask acne is another growing skin concern that is affecting people these days. Face masks have become a part of our daily routine. However, some people are experiencing breakouts from the regular use of face masks, especially during summers when sweating is very common. Such acne breakouts are called maskne. 

    Maskne doesn't just cause redness and skin irritation. It can also lead to folliculitis and dermatitis in the long term. See a good dermatologist if your face acne worsens by wearing a face mask. 

    To avoid contracting mask acne, throw your disposable mask after every use and wash your fabric mask regularly to ensure that bacteria are not accumulating in it. You should also wash your face immediately after taking out your mask to wash away the accumulated sweat.

    Avoid heavy cream-based moisturizers or makeup during summers. Use Nourish mantra Neer Light Gel Moisturizer before putting on your mask. This lightweight moisturizer is perfect for giving you a summer glow without clogging your skin pores. This gives your skin some breathing space even when you are wearing a mask. 

    Butt Acne

    Acne is troublesome where ever they occur on the body. But we all can agree that butt acne is worse simply because it appears on the buttocks and is painful to deal with. This acne is different from those that occur on your face and are called folliculitis or keratosis pilaris. 

    In summers, wearing tight-fitting jeans generally causes an accumulation of sweat on the butt area, which clogs the hair follicles leading to folliculitis. Butt acne has many other reasons as well. Wearing damp beach clothes for a long time can also lead to butt acne. 

    Avoid harsh scrubbing to get rid of such acne. Use gentle cleansing body washes like the Nourish Mantra Mystic Indian Rose Body Wash. Enriched with rose geranium oil and black pepper oil, this body wash removes excess sweat and fights germs to help you get rid of butt acne. 

    Vaginal Acne

    The summer-ready body needs to be waxed, shaved, and whatnot! However, when done on the bikini line, all this can cause vaginal acne. Although it is not a very harmful form of acne and goes away on its own, you must see a dermatologist if your condition gets worse. 

    Blackheads and epidermoid cysts are common symptoms of acne that appear in the vaginal area. Skin against skin chafing is another condition that commonly occurs in summer and causes acne on the inner thighs. 

    Sweat, skin rubbing against each other, bacterial overgrowth, and friction are responsible for causing vaginal acne and acne on the inner thighs during summers. Use antibacterial soap for washing your private parts.

    Nourish Mantra has a natural soap with no chemical ingredients. The Turmeric and Citrus handmade bathing bar has antibacterial ingredients like turmeric and tea tree oil. They prevent acne breakouts on your private parts. 

    Face Care in Summer: Tips for Acne

    Summer acne is no joke! If you take good care of your skin, you can avoid getting summer acne this year. Follow our tips and tricks to stay away from acne. 

    • Dermatologists suggest that you avoid using heavy creams and body butter in summers. Just like your wardrobe, your skin also needs lightweight products. Instead of using a cream-based moisturizer, go for a gel-based moisturizer. 
    • Use a salicylic acid-based face wash this summer. It helps remove excess oil and dead skin cells to help eliminate acne-causing bacteria and sweat that may clog your skin pores. 
    • Acne affects both men and women of all ages. Establish a good skincare routine to avoid summer acne at all costs. 
    • Give your acne care products at least three months to work. Take this time to evaluate the various changes that happen to your skin. 
    • If you already have acne, the summer heat can irritate your skin more to worsen your skin conditions. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen and keep reapplying it every 2-3 hours if you are under the sun for long durations. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you treat summer acne on your face?

    To treat your acne in summer, in addition to taking topical medicines and over-the-counter acne products, you should also follow a good summer skincare routine. Use a good foaming cleanser to get rid of excess oil. Moisturize your skin with an oil-free moisturizer. Use sunscreen daily and exfoliate your skin every week to remove dead skin cells and bacteria build-up. 

    Why do I get heat pimples?

    Increased body heat occurs when the outer atmosphere has excess humidity. It could also happen due to hormonal changes, skin allergies, and fever. High body heat tends to increase the production of sebum (oil). This causes clogging of skin pores which leads to breakouts. These breakouts are called heat pimples. 

    How do you get rid of acne naturally?

    To get rid of acne naturally, use skincare products free of chemicals. You can also make homemade herbal masks using tea tree oil (2 drops), besan, and turmeric. Apply it gently on your skin, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash. Use this mask twice a week to get rid of acne naturally. 

    Does humidity make acne worse?

    Yes, humidity increases sweat formation, which can clog your skin pores to cause acne breakouts. A humid climate is also ideal for acne-causing bacteria. For people who already have acne, it becomes challenging to take care of the skin during summers.

    How can I make my face pimple free in summer?

    To get clear skin in summers, follow a good skincare routine both day and night. You can also try using natural skin care products that do not contain harmful chemicals. Nourish Mantra Acne Clarifying Serum is the best serum to get rid of acne spots, scars, and blemishes. 

    To Sum It Up

    Acne can become worse in the summer months. However, following a good skincare routine and using good skincare products can help you control acne breakouts in summer. Follow our tips and tricks to beat summer acne this year!