Lesser-Known Tips to Care for Your Hair at Home

Nourish Mantra

Who does not love flaunting beautiful, silky-smooth tresses? The wellness and beauty industry swears by luscious locks that are always picture-perfect. We do everything in our capacity and buy natural haircare products like organic hair oil for growth to keep our hair healthy and thick. But despite using the best products that the beauty and wellness industry offers, is your hair still dry and dull? Do you continue to face hair fall problems? 
Then the solution to your concerns might be a lifestyle change. Alongside switching to organic hair oil, you might want to incorporate other hair care tips into your routine for healthier hair.
Here’s a list of things you need to keep in mind to achieve your dream hair-
  • Frequency of hair wash
  • Beauty, health, and wellness experts recommend not more than two hair washes per week. Washing your hair every day or every alternate day strips it off the natural oils that the scalp produces, thereby leaving it dry and prone to dandruff. Regular contact of your hair with the chemicals in your shampoo can also damage your hair significantly.

  • The temperature of the water
  • Some skincare and wellness bloggers swear by showering with cold water while others with hot water; the key is the sweet spot in between. Warm water or water that is slightly above room temperature is great for washing your hair. However, very hot water damages the hair, while very cold water does not open the pores for deep cleaning.
    However, giving a final rinse with cold water after showering can leave your hair shiny and silky. 
  • Switching to satin pillowcases
  • Cotton pillowcases cause friction between your hair and the cloth while you are asleep, thereby causing your hair to become brittle. This is often the reason why we find fallen strands of hair on our pillows in the morning. Switching to satin pillowcases deters this issue and does not absorb the oils and moisture in your hair while you are asleep. A satin pillowcase also helps your skin by reducing acne breakouts by giving your pores space to breathe. You can also switch to satin and silk rubber bands to avoid hair breakage. 
  • Use a wide-toothed comb
  • It is not advisable to comb your hair when it is wet. However, if you do need to comb it, use one that is wide-toothed to avoid breakage. Similarly, the best beauty tips from any beauty blogger would be to use a paddle brush for everyday combing. Its wide base will reduce surface tension and prevent your hair from going brittle. 


  • Proper diet and lots of water
  • You are what you eat, and the same goes for hair as well! Skincare and wellness bloggers swear by following a proper diet. All the above tips will protect your hair from external damage, but internal management is equally important for strong, healthy hair. Drinking a minimum of three liters of water every day will keep it hydrated while eating a well-balanced diet with proteins and amino acids will keep it nourished from the inside.