Which is the best natural hand cream for dry skin in winter?

Nourish Mantra

We can skip bathing for once, but we can’t skip washing our hands during winters, can we? And with regular hand washes comes dry skin! We need a handful of hand cream or a lotion to eliminate those spiderwebbed lines on the skin.  When it comes to choosing a handcare product,how do you choose the best natural hand cream in winter?

Is there an ideal answer? Well, there is! Through this blog, you will get to know about natural hand creams, lotions, and moisturizers to prevent your skin from drying out.

Why natural? Because concentrated formulations with SLS/SLES, Alcohol, and other toxins may harm the body.

Why is hand care important?

Like every other part of our body, our hands need proper nourishment. Hands are exposed to everything around us, making them the most vulnerable part of the body. To top the list, COVID has led us to overuse harsh sanitizers that dry our hands after every usage, leading to cracked and rough skin. All of these conditions promote premature aging, itching, and shedding. 

Isn’t hand care the same as body care?

Hand care is about caring for your hands the right way. Here are some points for you to keep in mind before buying a natural hand cream, lotion, or moisturizer.

Our skin reacts differently when it comes to thickness, dryness, and tolerance. That’s why hand care products are specialized to moisturize and nourish the skin of our hands accordingly.

It’s always a personal choice to go with hand cream, lotion, or a natural hand moisturizer for dry skin. 

The perfect natural hand cream for dry skin is the one that can:

  • Infuse the top layer of our hands with moisture.
  • Seal all that moisture and nutrients in the skin.
  • Repair and protect the natural lipid barrier and moisture content of the skin.

If you choose to go with a natural hand lotion instead of creams and moisturizers, take care of these ingredients specifically:

    1. Humectants: Ingredients like Glycerin and Aloe Vera grab water from the air and the deeper layers of the skin. In a moisture-rich atmosphere, humectants will draw all the water from the atmosphere. But for a less humid atmosphere, they might extract it from the deeper layers of the skin. So, while choosing either a natural hand cream or any organic hand moisturizer, check if it has got humectants.
    2. Occlusives: Occlusives provide a protective seal over the skin and lock in hydration. Shea butter and olive oil are the best examples to define occlusives as they don’t increase the moisture levels of the skin but can help with the prevention of water reserves from being drained by external stressors.
    3. Emollients: The best natural hand creams with emollients make the skin soft, smooth, and supple. They care for the rough and chapped skin. Any natural or the best organic hand creams will have almond oil and coconut oil as the emollients.
    4. Skin-soothing and repair ingredients: Lavender is an herbal plant with excellent skin benefits that soothes the skin and helps repair the skin. It fights against germs & dryness, and the healing elements work to repair wrinkles, dry skin, eczema, and itching. Another example is Vetiver; it aids in reducing pigmented patches and treats sun damage. 

The best natural hand moisturizer for dry skin should solve all skin problems, not just dryness. Nourish Mantra has curated the best hand lotion, ‘Vetiver And Lavender Upayas Hand Lotion,’ to give you the best of your hand care regime. 

It’s high time to show proper love and care to our hands. It’s time for some pampering!