Nourish Mantra Conscious Collection

Modern Indian holistic beauty, now on a mission to bring change.NM Conscious is an initiative to use sustainable materials and create a circular economy for plastics.

Creating a better environment for you, with you.

Environment first

Building a world where plastics never become waste. NM Conscious collection’s focus is environment first, because we are what we give back.

Impacting lives

Empowering vulnerable communities through recycling education, creating employment through plastic collection & recycling programs

Sustaining traditions

Our core is to modernize Indian beauty philosophies and bring effective & holistic solutions to our users. Same mantra, new packaging.

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Products inspired by India. Doing good worldwide.

We have partnered with Plastic Collective, an Australian social enterprise, and together we are helping remote and vulnerable communities clean their environment and oceans,creating employment and funding community activities through plastic recycling.

We are a brand that wants to do the right thing.

Make a small change to create big impact.#buysocial

Comic Sutra Hair Oil

Drench your skin with a surge of moisture and care.

Skin emulsion for lightweight hydration with exceptional therapeutic extracts of Moringa, Indian Ginseng and Gotu Kola, dollops of Shea Butter, nutritive oils like Coconut, Wheatgerm and Patchouli. Moisturizes, improves skin texture, and promotes skin vitality and smoothness. SPF protects the skin from harmful sun rays.

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