Hair growth serum for stronger, voluminous and healthier hair

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Hair growth serum for stronger, voluminous and healthier hair

What is hair growth serum?

Hair serums formulated for hair growth improve hair manageability, coat a protective layer on strands, and make hair smoother. Our Advanced Hair Growth Serum is a liquid solution with active ingredients that focus on hair regrowth, curbs hair loss, and pays attention to new hair follicles. It stimulates hair growth at the root by targeting hair follicles and expands each hair strand's growing period, reducing shedding. 

Why do you need a serum for hair growth?

When you face hair loss, hair fall, breakage and thinning, here hair regrowth serum comes in use. Using serums that are formulated for hair growth works from the roots by enhancing blood circulation and improving overall scalp and hair health. It works efficiently by preventing hair breakage, enhancing hair strength and promoting hair follicles to grow stronger, thicker and shinier hair. Our Advanced Hair Growth Serum is a pure nutrition for your hair. It works relentlessly to give you the voluminous, shiny and healthy hair of your dreams. 

What affects hair growth? 

Factors that affect hair growth should be taken into consideration and adopt ways to tackle them:

Factor affecting hair growth

  • Age
  • The problem of hair loss and hair fall in both males and females goes parallelly with their growing age. The older you get, the chances of losing hair also increase. You will experience less hair growth as you age.

  • Climate conditions
  • Sun can cause damage to your scalp and hair, so it is recommended to safeguard your hair against UVA and UVB rays by wearing your favorite headgear and sunscreen, irrespective of the season.

  • Nutrient profile
  • Protein, vitamins and minerals are the necessary nutrients for hair growth. Lack of B vitamins and minerals like iron, zinc, iodine and silica will affect your hair health.

  • Diet
  • Not indulging in a diet for healthy hair disrupts hair growth. To ensure faster hair growth, your daily diet should be enriched with an adequate amount of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

  • Genes
  • Genes play a major role in defining your hair density, texture, color, growth and loss pattern. If a person is prone to hair loss genetically, then DHT or dihydrotestosterone begins miniaturization of the hair follicles. At this time, the hair becomes thinner and the volume of the tresses also decreases. Gradually, the hair follicle can stop producing hair ultimately.

  • Lifestyle
  • Bad lifestyle habits can affect hair growth. Smoking is a bad lifestyle habit that leads to baldness and premature hair aging. 

  • Health issues
  • Various medical conditions and medications can cause scalp dryness and alopecia.

  • Stress
  • Stress can take a toll on your hair health. It is one of the reasons behind hair loss. When you are calm or under pressure, your hair follicles are in the resting phase of the hair cycle.

  • Medications
  • If you are on medication then there are chances that it disrupts hair growth. It damages hair follicles and moves to the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. 

    How does hair regrowth serum work in stages of hair cycle?

    Our Advanced Hair Growth Serum works on the scalp and goes deep into the hair follicles to give you improved hair growth. Redensyl, Anagain, Procapil and Rice Water works constructively against the hair ills like hair thinning, hair loss, hair fall and baldness. These hair growth serum ingredients improve the blood circulation in the scalp, stimulate the hair follicles.

    It also increases the length of the anagen phase of the growth. During this stage, you'll notice the formation of new hair and the ingredients give a push to the hair that has stopped growing. 

  • Redensyl
  • Hair loss is caused when the stem cells are asleep on the scalp. Redensyl for hair is an effective ingredient that reactivates hair growth and reduces hair loss. 

    What does it do?

    • The outer root sheath stem cells (ORSc) are vitalized. It triggers a new hair cycle.
    • It nourishes the hair follicles. As a result, the stem cells turn on the anagen phase faster. 
  • Anagain
  • Anagain for hair growth works by reducing hair loss. It induces dermal papilla cells to reactivate hair growth. DNA microarray technique was conducted on the plucked hair follicle to stimulate dermal papilla, a molecule required to promote new hair growth. 

    What does it do?

    • It helps in reactivating hair growth.
    • It boosts hair density and thickness.
    • It reduces hair loss and increases vitality.
  • Procapil
  • A well-known ingredient, procapil benefits for hair  is mesmerizing. It fights the aging of the hair follicle process to prevent hair loss. It targets the leading causes of alopecia, poor scalp micro-circulation, follicle aging and atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone. 

    What does it do?

    • It fights hair thinning, a first sign of male and female pattern baldness.
    • It delays hair loss and balding. 
    • It nourishes weak hair strands. 
  • Rice Water
  • Rice water is starchy water that forms when you leave to soak the rice or is left when the rice is cooked. Rice water for hair is called hair rejuvenator enriched with minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamin B & E, fiber, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Applying it to the scalp helps to make your hair grow faster. 

    What does it do?

    • It nourishes the hair follicles
    • It promotes healthy growth
    • It encourages cell regeneration 

    What are the benefits of our serum for healthy hair growth?

    Our unique and award winning formulation has several benefits. Here are the benefits of hair growth serum :

    Hair growth serum

  • Activates hair follicles
  • Redensyl is the best hair regrowth ingredient as it does not work on the surface level. It focuses on the cells of the hair follicles and supports the initial hair growth phase. All this aids in reactivating the cell division that leads to hair growth. 

  • Increases hair vitality
  • One of the influential ingredients in our serum is anagain that stimulates the release of different hair growth factors in dermal papilla cells. It works so efficiently that the duration of telogen phase in the hair growth cycle reduces and activates the new anagen phase in hair follicles. 

  • Puts a stop to hair thinning
  • Powerful Procapil in our serum treats female and male pattern baldness. Biotinyl-GHK is present in Procapil, which activates your hair follicles. It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp to nourish the scalp, thickens brittle and thinning, ultimately fighting against hair loss and strengthens hair root to tip.

  • Restores the moisture barrier of the scalp
  • The formulation of this hair serum ensures a boost of hydration, lessens dryness thereby restoring the moisture barrier of the skin. 

  • Repairs damaged hair
  • One of the natural ingredients in hair serum is rice water which has inositol (a compound). It penetrates deeply into the scalp, treats damaged hair, repairs them from the inside out, and protects it from future damage. 

  • Increases hair growth
  • The perfect concoction of four ingredients: Redensyl, Procapil, Anagain and Rice Water focuses on uplifting hair growth. It works on the stem cells by rebalancing the hair growth cycle. This revolutionary growth serum for hair tackles the aging of hair and strengthens the follicles to reactivate hair growth.

  • Remarkable reduction in hair loss
  • When your hair follicles aren't supplied with the required nutrients, they either fall off from roots or lead to hair breakage and thinning. This painful hair loss happens due to an imbalance in the hair growth cycle. Our best hair serum for hair growth strengthens the hair from roots to tips and helps them regrow by activating hair follicles to deliver the much-needed nourishment and oxygen supply. Using it regularly will dramatically curb hair thinning and hair loss which were the causes of baldness.

    How is Advanced Hair Growth Serum unique?

    Our serum is peptide based that does not show any signs of accelerated hair loss after you stop using them. This is also a very natural yet potent way to treat hair loss. Our serum does not have any side effects, naturally derived, clinically tested ingredients and does not dry the scalp. 

    Whereas several serums in the market are minoxidil based which is FDI approved and safe treatment for hair thickening. But it results in significant hair loss when left in the middle or when you stop using it anymore. Some might also be allergic to Minoxidil in the first place. Disadvantages of using minoxidil are unwanted growth of facial hair, headaches, dizziness, severe scalp irritation and improper application may damage skin.

    How to apply hair growth serum?

    • Apply one dropper twice a day close to the hair roots on a dry and clean scalp.
    • Massage gently for enhanced absorption.
    • Continue application beyond 3 months to see visible results. 

    Testimonials that makes us proud

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    What are the aspects that support healthy hair growth?

    Above, we have mentioned what factors hamper your hair growth ability. Those factors can be turned into good. It is necessary to do so as your hair grows less than half an inch every month and if that also doesn't happen, you need to put in extra effort to change the factors disrupting hair growth to factors that contribute to hair growth. 

  • A healthy body is an essential mantra for vigorous hair growth
  • When you take utmost care of yourself inside, it will definitely reflect outside. In the same way, healthy and strong hair can be achieved when your general health is healthier. You must incorporate food items that promote a balanced diet that appropriately fulfills the body's nutrient requirements. A deficiency of vitamins, iron, protein or zinc will result in hair fall or slow growth.

    What should be included in the daily diet for hair growth?

    You should include the best food for hair growth that is nutritionally dense. Here are few of them: 

  • Avocado
    • A healthy fat
    • It contains omega-3 fatty acids  that nourish hair follicles and give your strands that strong, shiny and lustrous glow
    • It has anti-inflammatory properties
    • It stimulates dermal papilla cells of the hair follicles that keep a gauge on hair growth
    • It is a rich source of vitamins B and E
  • Legumes
    • Also called beans and lentils
    • It is a source of saturated fats, vitamins and minerals that improve overall hair health
    • It has biotin that strengthens the keratin (a protein that makes up hair) structure
    • It is an excellent source of protein that prevents hair breakage and adds bounce to your hair
  • Nuts
    • A powerhouse of energy
    • Indulging nuts especially almond and walnuts are best hair growth food items as it has high biotin content
    • It is an amazing source of vitamin E and antioxidants that nourishes scalp and hair
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
    • A goodness of antioxidants
    • It wards of pesky free radicals that can cause hair fall
    • Kale and spinach belongs to this family that are high in vitamin A and should be consumed regularly
  • Citrus
    • A dose of nutrient packed vitamin C
    • It protects and maintain collagen that is helpful in hair growth
    • It is a potent source of antioxidants
    • It enhances iron absorption and maintains hair health
    1. Find a way to stress-free life

    To get a voluminous, shiny, strong and healthy appearance to your tresses, keep your hustle-bustle lifestyle away from stress and tension. Although it is not always possible to find small-small happiness in everything you do or in your mini-breaks, indulge in something that brings calmness. You should also sleep 7-8 hours a day to see a stupendous difference in hair growth.

  • Laugh your heart out
    • It lightens your mental load
    • It makes positive physical changes in body
    • It cools down your stress response
  • Connect more
    • Build a social network with your family and friends
    • It is a good stress reliever
    • It provides support and helps to bear life's up and downs
    • A coffee break with a friend will be best
  • Assert yourself
    • Learn to say no
    • You should be willing to delegate and manage work to de-stress yourself
    1. A clean and clear scalp is necessary for boosting hair growth

    Your scalp should be free from the attack of bacteria and funguses. It aids in providing a healthy base for the hair roots to flourish. 

    • Use the best natural oil for your hair type to keep your scalp and hair healthy
    • Choose the right shampoo for your hair type
    • Get the best hair growth serum that actually works
    • Comb your scalp with a wide-toothed comb
    • Avoid applying chemicals and using heat tools

    Other than this, involve home remedies for healthy hair:

    What do you need?

    • Bentonite clay powder
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Aloe vera gel

    What to do?

    • Mix 1/2 cup of each ingredient.
    • Blend them well to avoid lumps.
    • Spread this fine paste throughout your hair and also on the scalp.
    • Wear a shower cap and sit for 20-30 minutes. Don't let the mixture dry.
    • Rinse your hair with a cup of white vinegar and leave your hair for 2-3 minutes, then wash with purifying shampoo.
    1. A healthy and clean environment 

    If you are overexposed to environmental pollution, your hair is piled up with grime, soot, dirt and harmful chemicals that clog the scalp and result in damaged hair roots. You should know how many times you can wash your hair, as it depends on your hair type. 

    1. Take a step forward and do moderate exercises

    It is a proven study that doing moderate exercise daily will rejuvenate your hair and consequently aids in healthy hair growth.


  • Who should use this serum?
  • Both men and women having hair fall issues can use our hair serum. 

  • Does our natural hair growth serum really work?
  • Yes, our hair growth serum has worked for 89% of our users. But it may vary according to your lifestyle habits. You should adopt all the healthy practices to achieve healthy hair growth. The growth rate may also vary from person to person due to genetics, age and health issues. 

  • How can our serum to promote hair growth add value to your hair care?
  • When you experience hair fall, loss or thinning, serum for hair growth is the best way to optimize the scalp conditions. It is the best way to achieve better scalp and hair health. The serum is applied on the scalp as it is the powerhouse of every hair-related activity and any condition gets treated through the scalp. Also, the ingredients play a significant role. It should have ingredients that moisturize the scalp and boost blood flow to the scalp, improving its condition. Then it catalyzes hair growth by encouraging hair follicles production to promote thicker, voluminous, healthier and shinier hair. 

  • When to start using this hair growth serum that actually works?
  • Whenever you face issues like more hair falling on the floor than usual, during detangling more hair in the comb than before and baldness patches then you should start using our hair serum for healthy and shiny hair. 

  • What is the consistency of our natural hair growth serum?
  • Our serum is water-consistent. This lightweight serum seeps into the scalp quickly due to its small molecular structure and using it consistently for 90 days will give you desired results. 

  • Which hair type can use it?
  • All hair types can use our hair serum for growth.

  • Will it make your hair look oily?
  • No, it will not make your hair look oily.

  • What is the right time to use this hair serum?
  • You should apply hair serum twice a day, once in the morning and then during bed time. 

  • Is this serum effective against hair fall?
  • When you are consistent in applying our hair serum, it leads to the overall better and sustained scalp and hair health. The clinically proven ingredients not only regrow the hair but also stimulate the blood circulation to the scalp, condition & moisturizes the scalp. It activates follicles and builds them strongly to address hair fall, gradually reducing it and slowly filling in the patches left by thinning and hair loss. 

  • Does it have side effects?
  • No, it doesn’t have any side effects as all the ingredients are clinically tested.