What Does Amazing Lavender Water Do For Your Skin?

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Why doesn't skin look the same every day? Do you feel that the look & feel of your skin lacks something? This constant, though, may not lead you anywhere until you make an extra effort to love & pamper your skin to regain that lost radiance.

You can get your glow back with one of the most natural ingredients, Lavender Water. Although you have heard more about rose water's miracle effect on your skin, lavender water won't give you any reason to regret. It uplifts your mood in no time. It instantly makes you feel refreshed, boosts skin radiance, and tapers all your stress.

Lavender water works like magic. It solves many skin problems like dullness, dehydration, breakouts, etc. Following a basic skincare routine- cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing, you should also indulge in lavender water face mist or toner and reap the most of its exceptional benefits. After using it, you'll definitely feel that it has made your skin breathe new life.

What is Lavender?

For most of you, lavender is an attractive flower that brings a smile in just a blink of an eye. It is that nature's goodness that gloms onto everybody's mind and heart. Its soothing aroma is unforgettable, but do you know anything more about it?

It is a healing herb belonging to the Mediterranean region, where it is recognized as among the most famous herbs for aromatherapy. Lavender is considered a natural sedative that works amazingly to treat sleep disorders, has antiseptic properties and does well with acne & cuts.

Now-a-days, the scent of lavender is being used in different products, from household cleaning to beauty products. From the pool, only a few brands use bona fide lavender flowers to formulate their products.

Using lavender for skin in your daily regimen will offer numerous benefits you'll love.

 lavender water benefits

What is lavender water?

Lavender water is also known as lavender hydrosol or lavender hydrolat. It is botanical water that is extracted from the alluring lavender plant. It has a soft and calm aroma than lavender essential oil.

There are times when your skin looks irritated, exhausted & tired. Daily stressors that meet your skin are evinced on the skin’s health. Lavender water benefits the skin by keeping it calm, hydrated, and toned.

What ingredients are used in the preparation of Lavender Water?

Lavender water is made with 3 ingredients:

1. Distilled Water

The main ingredient that works as a solvent for the plant materials. Lavender frees its natural compound when the water is heated. These compounds get bound in the steam. When the steam cools down, the water still holds these compounds.

2. Fresh or Dried Lavender
  • Fresh Lavender: Blooming lavender flowers are used. It will be best if you are more prepared as they are seasonal.
  • Dried Lavender: Organic culinary lavender is perfect. They are available year-round & need no extra preparations.

3. Preservatives

Prevents the presence of yeast, bacteria & mold.

Which skin type does lavender water suit the best?

Lavender water is suitable for all skin types. However, it works as a boon dor sensitive, mature and dry skin.

How to use lavender water?

Lavender water benefits the skin by using it in the following ways:

1. Lavender water as SKIN TONER

Lavender water is precious as it can be used as a toner. Even if you have normal skin, using this water after cleansing your skin in the evening will make your skin even more beautiful.

How to use it?

  • Take a cotton ball.
  • Dip it in the lavender water.
  • Wipe your face & neck with it before applying moisturizer.

Usage: Depending on your skin's reaction, you can use it twice a day.


  • Minimizes pore size on the skin
  • Creates a smoother experience
  • Imparts a radiant glow
  • Cleanses & soothes the skin

2. Lavender water as MAKEUP SETTING SPRAY

This exceptionally loved floral water is also used as a makeup setting spray. It restricts makeup from getting smudged. Spray it & you are ready to rock the look at the party.

How to use it?

  • Shake the lavender water before using it.
  • Hold a few meters away from the face & spray 2 to 3 times.

Usage: Whenever you do makeup and want it to stay for a long duration.


  • Smooth & finished look
  • Boosts skin complexion
  • Makeup doesn't smudge
  • Hides acne scars

3. Lavender water as FACE MIST

This spectacular floral water can be used as a face mist any day, anytime & anywhere. It instantly refreshes your skin after a stressful day. It provides hydration to the skin in an arid environment. It cools down the skin in hot & humid conditions.

How to use it?

  • Take the lavender water spray.
  • Keep it at one arm's distance and spray it on your face 2-3 times.

Usage: Any time of the day when the skin feels dry & dehydrated.


  • Rejuvenates the skin
  • Splurge in hydration
  • Revives the skin glow
  • Boosts skin elasticity
  • Replenishes the skin moisture level
  • Refresh the skin
  • Calms the sensitive, irritated skin

4. Lavender water as FACE PACKS

Using lavender water in your face packs will further amplify the benefits of face packs. Either make your own face pack augmented with the goodness of natural ingredients or use ready-to-use face packs & add this miracle water to it.

How to use it?

  • Take your face pack in a bowl.
  • Mix lavender water in it.
  • Apply the pack for 20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water & pat dry.

Usage: Twice a week.


  • Prevents & heals acne breakouts
  • Unclog pores
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Tightens skin

    Do you know how lavender benefits for skin?

    The many benefits of using lavender water are:

    • Squeezes the pore size

    Overproduction of sebum or oil gets mixed with the dead skin cells & accumulates in the form of dirt in the pore that ultimately blocks the skin pores. It may also lead to inflammation in pores. This water intensely exfoliates the dead skin cells, unclogs the pores, imparts a radiant complexion, and tightens the skin.

    • A powerhouse of vitamins & minerals

    Lavender water is a potent source of vitamin A. It helps to heal the skin & strengthens its immune system quickly. Its excellent anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties work effectively against acne-prone skin. It has a tremendous calming effect on the skin as it reduces redness, thereby fighting & preventing skin irritation.

    • A renowned anti-aging herb

    Your skin is exposed to various environmental factors every day. These factors harm the skin complexion & prevent cellular turnover. UV rays, dirt, pollution, and makeup are the few aggressors that congest the skin pores. It makes your skin dull. Using lavender water in your daily skincare routine will infuse powerful antioxidants that fight against free radicals, prevents premature aging & stops collagen breakdown.

    • An aromatic fountain of glowing skin

    Lavender water is a go-to ingredient to maintain a youthful glow. The environmental aggressors call for the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles early that make you look older & dull. Lavender water defeats the effects of aging, firms your face & gives a smooth & youthful complexion.

    • Feather-like skin texture

    Vitamin A in lavender water plays a significant role in maintaining overall skin health. This vitamin in lavender water accelerates the healing process, restricts future breakouts & supports the skin's barrier. It also works as a natural moisturizer. It is a go-to ingredient to hold the skin's moisture-holding capacity.

    • No more stress of blemishes

    Are you afraid of post-acne marks? Did they affect your self-esteem? Surprisingly, lavender water has a solution for this as well. It is your skincare buddy that reduces blemishes. The anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties of this water make it the perfect ingredient for that acne & post-acne marks on your face. It regenerates the damaged skin cells, lightens the appearance of scars, and boosts the growth of skin cells & tissues, leading to altering the scarring process.

    • Maintains peace with skin's pH balance

    Skin toner and face mist enriched with lavender water have incomparable benefits for the skin. It explicitly maintains the skin's pH balance. It makes the skin healthy & nourished as it treats eczema, skin aging, and acne breakouts.

    Does Nourish Mantra have lavender water as an ingredient in its products?

    Kashmiri Lavender Facial Mist is a unique product of all-natural ayurvedic mist. This mist is one the best forms of lavender for skin that relaxes & rejuvenates your skin.

    Kashmiri Lavender Facial Mist

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    FAQs about Lavender Water

    Q. Is lavender water good for your skin?

    A. Lavender water is a boon for your skin. It has minerals & vitamins in abundance that get absorbed into the skin quickly. It is augmented with anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties that make it an ideal treatment for healing acne & eczema.

    Q. How to use lavender water on irritated & inflamed skin?

    A. Spray a generous amount of lavender water over the affected area. Let it settle for a bit. You'll experience a calming effect.

    Q. What are the prerequisites of lavender water?

    A. Lavender water not only infuses quick hydration but also fights inflammation; spritz post waxing, threading, or shaving; best for aromatherapy, and apply it before and after moisturizer on the skin to get a dewy finish.