What is face mist and how effective it is for your skin?

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What is face mist and how effective it is for your skin?

Some of you may be wondering what is face mist? A face mist is a skincare product that rejuvenates and energizes your face skin, protects against daily aggressors and free radicals that leads to skin aging. This magical mist is formed with firming, moisturizing and soothing ingredients that boost your skin's hydration level to achieve a smooth and juicy appearance.

When you experience a drop in temperature during the autumn and winter, it becomes necessary to balance the required amount of hydration in the skin. During hot summers, air conditioners become your life saviors, but they drain the hydration content in the skin. So, be it any season, using a face mist daily will be the best solution for the skin to avoid flakiness, irritation & sensitivity.

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A good face mist delivers much-needed moisture to your skin with micro-sized droplets without affecting your skin care regimen or disrupting your makeup. 

 What can this misty water do for your skin?

Facial Mist is a real anti-ageing hero in disguise. Few spritzes of it can moisturize, soothe, repair, and brighten the skin. You are not bound to use it at a particular time. Use face mist when you feel that skin is becoming dull or tired or there is a need to moisturize or refresh your skin. They indeed work as an excellent pollution barrier and have a refreshing effect.

 Do you know the spectacular benefits of all-rounder face mist?

Apart from the fact that face mist use in tightening pores, fixing makeup and imparting a healthy radiance. Here are the face mist benefits now:

  1. Refreshes & rejuvenates skin

In the everyday hustle, when you are exposed to the sun, all worked up and swamped in sweat, it may lead to skin dullness, patchiness and dehydration. Moreover, applying makeup on such days may lead to clogged skin pores & acne problems. A good sprinkle of aromatic mist immediately fuels hydration in this situation. It is so refreshing that you'll notice an uplift in the mood pretty quickly and helps in re-feeding the lost radiance.

  1. Dilutes makeup or skincare

Face mist gives a smooth dilution to makeup products like foundation, concealer or skincare products like thick moisturizers. It works gloriously while settling up an opaque matte foundation, thereby giving a dewy and dazzling look. Therefore, face mist does an exceptional job in diluting the texture of the skin & beauty products since it's majorly constituted of water. 

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  1. As a top-notch makeup booster

One of the most exquisite benefits is that face mist is used as a makeup booster as it is applied both before & after wearing makeup. It is used as a primer for a smooth, flawless & hydrated look if applied before makeup. It lets the makeup easily glide on the skin. Applying after makeup ensures that makeup lasts long and fixes perfectly. 

  1. A great alternative to sheet masks

Face mists are formulated with hyaluronic acid, essential oils, floral water, thermal water or squalene. These same ingredients are used to make DIY sheet masks. A great way to pump up skin with the immediate need for hydration, and it won't be heavy on your pocket to spend extra bucks on sheet masks. 

  1. Soothes Irritated Skin

Face mist has water that has cooling properties. Face mists are perfectly infused with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, squalane, jasmine, lavender, saffron, etc., excellently clear your acne flare-ups, allergies, sunburns & redness caused due to dry skin. Just a spritz can relieve the pain & itchiness. 

How to use face mist?

How to use face mist?

Face mist is spritz after face cleansing and before face serum & face moisturizer. It can also be applied to set makeup and to make it stay for long or to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. 

Most renowned makeup artists use it as a makeup primer after applying a face cream as it seals in the moisture, or you can also sprinkle face mist onto your makeup sponge if your foundation looks cakey throughout the day. 

A face mist is sprayed at one arm's distance with the mouth & eyes closed & allowed to absorb. 

When to use face mist in skincare routine?

You should know when to use face mist? Face mists can be used anytime in a day, when you wake up, after using toner, before moisturizer, before & after make-up, to freshen up your makeup, after a wake up and before going to bed. 


when to use face mist

Which face mist suits the best for your skin type? 

 There are different skin types, and one face mist can't fit all. So here is the brief about how to choose face mist  for your skin type:

  1. Dry Skin

  • This skin type loses too much oil & water becomes dry.
  • Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid & squalene.
  • These ingredients boost hydration & make skin plump.
  • It also heals damaged skin & holds in moisture.
  1. Oily Skin

  • This skin type has excess oil on the skin that gives a greasy appearance.
  • Look for ingredients like rose water to balance the natural skin oils.
  • Aloe vera also works perfectly while reducing inflammation & soothes clogged pores in the skin.
  • Antioxidants such as green tea reduce inflammation & keep skin hydrated.
  1. Sensitive Skin

  • This skin type experiences unpleasant sensations & leads to redness & itchiness on the face.
  • Look for ingredients like cucumber to make the skin hydrated.
  • Aloe vera can never go wrong as it treats redness, infection, rash & itchiness due to antifungal properties.
  1. Normal Skin

  • This skin type is well-balanced, neither too oily nor too dry.
  • Your skin is normal, so you can choose a facial mist that your heart desires. It gives you vitamins, antioxidants, and oil for the skin and makes your skin hydrated and glowing.
  1. Combination Skin

  • This skin type refers to two or more different skin types. 
  • A person with combination skin deals with the T-zone, which includes the chin, forehead, and nose.
  • Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid in face mists to give your face the driest complexions. And rosewater balances the natural oil and hydrates the dry areas on the face.

FAQ's About Face Mist

Are all face mists the same?

     Face mist works almost for everything skin demands like hydration, soothness, freshness, moisturization and brightness. Look out for the ingredients that work harmoniously with your skin.

    Can both men and women use facial mist?

      Yes, men and women can use facial mist formulated by Nourish Mantra to refresh and revive dull skin instantly.

      How does face mist help in setting the makeup look?

        Use face mist before makeup to create a smooth surface for makeup application. Blending beauty care products becomes easy and gives a more natural & sheer look.

        Does using face mist multiple times a day harm the skin?

          No, it doesn't! You can use face mist anytime and multiple times in a day when the skin demands instant hydration. It refreshes your look, and use it after every few hours for best results.