Banish Flyaways in a Flash with Our Hair Finishing Stick Combo

How it helps you?

What makes it special?

Unveil the secret to flawless hair with our Hair Finishing Stick Duo! Crafted with care, our stick is designed to tame stubborn flyaways and provide instant hair perfection.

Its compact and portable design makes it your perfect travel companion, ensuring sleek and polished hair on-the-go. Enriched with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil, our formula not only smoothens flyaways but also adds shine and vitality to your locks. Enjoy long-lasting results and salon-worthy hair every day with our Hair Finishing Stick Duo – your personal stylist in a convenient package.

See the Difference/ Check out the Transformation

Achieve instant hair perfection with our Hair Finishing Stick Duo. Tame flyaways and achieve a flawless finish from the very first use.

Behind The Scenes

Meet Aarti, a busy professional tired of battling with her unruly hair every morning. Frustrated by flyaways ruining her polished look, Aarti shared her hair woes with us. Inspired by Aarti's story, we set out to create a solution that would make her mornings easier. Thus, our Hair Finishing Stick Duo was born, designed to tame those pesky flyaways and give Aarti - and women everywhere - the confidence to conquer their day with sleek, styled hair. #HairConfidence

Reasons to Love

  • Instant frizz control, sleek finish.
  • Portable, effortless hair styling solution.
  • Nourishes hair, enhances natural shine.
  • Tames flyaways, smooths unruly strands.
  • Non-greasy formula, weightless hold.
  • Versatile, suits all hair types.

A stroke of perfection

Vegan | Cruelty-free

“Clean” Promise: The product is formulated without Parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, Formaldehydes, Mineral Oil, Oxybenzone, Talc, and Phenoxyethanol. Synthetic Fragrance (if any) is below 1% concentration.

Note: We care about your allergies. Please be cautious that this product may contain nut extracts.

Dimensions: Hight- 123 x Width- 17 x Length- 17 (mm)

Manufacturer Details: Oxys Beauty Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.26, Sector-6, IIE, SIDCUL, Pantnagar-263153. Distt. U.S Nagar, Uttarakhand

Country of origin: India.


Heroes: Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Purified Water, Butylene Glycol, PVPK-90, Biopol-980, D-Panthenol, Glycerine, Sorbitol, Murumuru Butter, Benzyl Alcohol

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
This stick become my best friends

This product is really time saving at last moment, hair got fixed in just seconds and quality is amazing.

Good product. serves the purpose

I hv frizzy hair due to which baby hair are visible . This has helped me get a neat look. Works fine for me ... not sure how much it can work in summers but as of now it works nicely , giving a neat look to my hairs

Kajal choudhary
Best friend of my baby hair's.

This product hold my baby hair's all day long.

Very helpful product

Must buy who don't have time to style their hair.

This product become my friend.

This product set my baby hair and I will enjoying party without taking their tension.

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Sustainable packaging

Vegan & Cruelty-free

Clean ingredients

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100% Vegan| Cruelty-Free

Rare And Pure Ingredients

Our Clean Promise

Ask Us Why

What is the Hair Finishing Stick, and how does it work?

The Hair Finishing Stick is a hair styling product designed to tame flyaways, control frizz, and keep your hairstyle looking neat and polished. It works by using natural ingredients such as plant-based waxes and oils to hold stray hair in place without causing stiffness or stickiness.

Is the Hair Finishing Stick suitable for all hair types?

Yes, the Hair Finishing Stick is suitable for all hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair. It is also effective for both fine and thick hair textures.

How do I use the Hair Finishing Stick, and how often should I apply it?

To use the Hair Finishing Stick, gently brush the product onto any areas with flyaways or frizz, using the built-in applicator. Smooth the hair with your fingers or a comb for a polished finish. You can apply it as needed throughout the day to maintain your hairstyle and keep flyaways under control.

Can the Hair Finishing Stick be used on wet hair, or is it only for dry hair?

The Hair Finishing Stick is most effective on dry hair. Applying it to wet hair may not provide the desired hold and control for flyaways.

Will the Hair Finishing Stick leave residue or build-up in my hair?

No, the Hair Finishing Stick is formulated with lightweight, natural ingredients that won't leave residue or build-up in your hair. It washes out easily during your regular shampoo routine.

Can the Hair Finishing Stick be used on colored or chemically treated hair?

Yes, the Hair Finishing Stick is safe for use on colored and chemically treated hair. Its gentle, natural formula won't strip color or cause damage to treated hair.

Does the Hair Finishing Stick contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients?

The Hair Finishing Stick is typically formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients such as waxes and oils. However, it's always essential to check the specific product's ingredient list to ensure it meets your personal preferences and requirements.

How long will the effects of the Hair Finishing Stick last?

The effects of the Hair Finishing Stick can last throughout the day, depending on your hair type and environmental factors such as humidity. If needed, you can reapply the product to maintain control over flyaways and frizz.

Can the Hair Finishing Stick be used in conjunction with other styling products?

Yes, the Hair Finishing Stick can be used alongside other styling products such as hair gels, mousses, and hairsprays. Apply the Hair Finishing Stick after using your other styling products to provide a finishing touch and tame any remaining flyaways.

Is the Hair Finishing Stick travel-friendly and easy to use on-the-go?

Absolutely! The Hair Finishing Stick is compact and comes with a built-in applicator, making it a convenient and mess-free option for touch-ups throughout the day. Its slim design easily fits into your purse or travel bag for on-the-go styling.

We Are Trusted By Our Clients

Nidhi Sehgal

Person who have freezy hair, this product for them easy to use

Hair Finishing Stick (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 640.00

Karnika Chandna

It's a really good product, such of help for me for my free tangled hair, easy to use and has no sticky deposit on hair, no need to even wash hair after using, like hair sprays.

Hair Finishing Stick (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 640.00

Chaya Jayaswal

This product holds baby hair in place until next wash, really happy with the purchase

Hair Finishing Stick (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 640.00

Sonal Wadwa

Excellent product. I have a lot of baby hair and they disappeared like magic! Highly recommend this product.

Hair Finishing Stick (Pack Of 2)

Rs. 640.00